How Frondy Brought Back the Rain

Day 60

Once upon a time there was a great big tree who loved to shake his leaves. The big tree was named Frondy. Frondy got his name from the ferns who lived underneath him. Frondy provided the ferns with cover so that they would not get burnt by the sun. Whenever Frondy had grown enough leaves he would shake all his old leaves off of his branches and onto the ground. Where they became food for the ferns and other plants who lived under him. He was always very happy and he was very very old and lived with other old trees. They had all lived together for over two hundred years protecting the plants that lived underneath them. Frondy noticed that his leaves growing very well. It had been quite a long time since there had been any rain in the old tree forest, and now Frondy had less leaves than usual and the big bright sun was breaking through his cover and hurting Frondy’s friends beneath him. Everyday Frondy called out to the clouds and asked for rain, “please my friends, let us drink we need some Rain!” Frondy called out three times a day, and finally the clouds became very dark and then the rain came. For 5 whole days it’s rained and rained. Frondy’s friends were so happy, because they were so thirsty. Then Frondy’s leaves began to grow. Once his leaves were ready Frondy shook and shook. And his leaves feel down onto his friends, and they were all so happy together for a very very long time.


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