The Sky who Felt so Much

Day 61

Once upon a time there was a great blue sky who had a great deal of feelings. The sky lived above the earth who had a great deal of feelings too. The great blue sky and the earth talked about many things all day long. Sometimes the earth would erupt at the sky, and mighty volcanos would spray ash and fires into the sky. And the sky would shout back sending monsoons of rain onto the earth. At times the sky would become very cold and chill the earth till it was freezing and covered in snow and ice. Sometimes they spoke about happy things and the sun would shine down on the earth and the waves would break over and over. But the sky would argue with the earth and the would reach out to one another arguing about age old topics, and water funnels would go from the oceans to the sky as they debated an issue. At times the sky would look down at the earth with frustration and tornados would rage across the fields and the earth would respond with by shaking the oceans bottom and sending waves up into the sky. And this was the way of the sky and the earth.


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