The Knight who Journeyed the Long Road

Day 62

Once upon a time there was a very long road. No one knew where the road went to because it was so very long that no one in the kingdom wanted to travel it. One day a famous knight in the kingdom decided that he would go on a quest to travel the entire road and tell his king what he found at the end. None of the other kings knew what was at the end so the knight decided that in order give the gift of knowledge to his king he would find out what was at the end of the very long road. He knew that his king would be happy because no other kings knew the answer. So the knight announced his quest at the banquet one evening in front of the entire court. Everyone of importance was in attendance, and when the knight promised to make the very long journey everyone in the hall gasped. A few of them pledged their allegiance to the knight and offered him their support. Difference members of the court pledge before the king that the brave knight could use their caravans and horses, that they would provide him with food and water for the journey, and even clothing and people to attend to his animals while on his voyage. Suddenly the knights company was very large, and he was ready to begin his journey. Along the way the knight and his company encountered some of the strangest things, like terribly scary forests, and muddy roads, rainstorms and even bandits who tried but failed to steal their food and horses. The knight was so brave that he did not give up, he slashed through the forests, he slopped through the mud, he weathered the rainstorms, and he fought off the bandits bravely. After over a year they got to a stop in the road, where there were only two turns left or right. But right in from of them stood a beautiful castle made of glittering sea glass and behind the castle was the ocean. Inside the castle was the most beautiful princess. The knight approached the princess and asked her if she was married, she smiled and said that she was waiting on her prince charming. She was of course the most beautiful princess that any of the company had ever seen. The princess said that no one ever journeyed that far and she hoped to meet a handsome king to marry. The knight asked the princess to return to his kingdom and meet the king he loved so much that he had made the journey for. The princess agreed and her kingdom gave her a proper caravan with her own horses and gifts for the king. Once the knight returned to his king with the beautiful princess the entire land was in shock. The king was delighted with his knight and awarded him the highest of honors for bringing the princess to him. The king and the princess were soon married and they ruled both near and far and the king became the envy of the other rulers because of the actions of his brave knight. They all lived happily ever after and the brave knight went down in history for his love of his king and country.


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