The Catepillar Gets his Beauty Rest

Day 63

Once upon a time there was a very sleepy caterpillar. The caterpillar was crawling around for a very long time which made him more and more and more sleepy. Finally the caterpillar was so very tired that he decided to find a nice place to curl up. So he searched through the leaves for the perfect spot to fall asleep. He found a beautiful spot, and decided to make his cocoon which is a bed for caterpillars. It is actually kind of a funny bed because caterpillars like to hang upside down and they wrap themselves all the way up, including their head and everything. So the caterpillar wrapped himself up in his cocoon and fell fast asleep, and the caterpillar slept for quite a long time. And caterpillar dreamed very big dreams about what he would do once he woke up, and then when he did he realized he was not quite the same, he was even more beautiful because he had gotten his beauty rest. Actually the term beauty rest comes from the caterpillars, they made that up, but if you go to sleep early each night you will wake up like a beautiful butterfly. This is a lesson from the caterpillars that they pass down through the generations. And they live happily ever after.


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