A story about a Girl the Moon and her Dog

Day 64

There was once a little girl who lived in a great big tower who could see very far away. At night she looked out of the window in her tower and could see the great big yellow moon. The girl thought that the moon was beautiful. And so she decided to talk to the moon about her dog. She had a very sweet dog who loved to play outside, and who also like to jump on the bed and watch movies with her. Her dog loved to go for walks and learn about science. She loved to learn about the trees and all the neat things outdoors. Other things her dog liked to do were eating food and barking a lot. Sometimes her dog would growl at people and animals she did not like. So after the girl told the moon everything she could think of about her dog, she was more and more tired. And the moon began to look less bright and she began to fall asleep. And she sleep all night while the moon watched over her and her dog, because the moon thought her dog sounded nice too.


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