The Make Believe Story of How Pokémon Go Came to Be

Day 65

Once upon a time there was a group of friends who were all very different. One of them liked to play outside, and another liked to invent things. Another liked to grow plSants, and another loved to collect toys. One liked to paint and another liked to make food. Well even though they were different they all decided to play Pokemon card game. Which was rather strange, because it was all about weird made up characters, but it made sense that they played that game because it was mobile and they could take the game to school with them. They could take it to recess or anywhere they really wanted, even in the bathroom, or the mall, or anywhere. Except for church, but some even took their Pokemon decks to church. So this little group of friends who really did not have much in common somehow managed to get older without too much trouble, and they grew bigger and bigger and got more and more powerful, just like their Pokemon characters. Well, one day one of them got so powerful that they decided to create a new form of Pokemon. Called the Pokemon Go App. This app was available on a mobile device, which this group of friends with different interests could take anywhere they wanted. They could take it outside, to the bathroom, to work, and yes even to church. Some of them decided to take it to the streets, and even some more weird places. Soon Pokemon Go became a phenomenon similar to the movie The Happening with Mark Walhberg, which you can watch when you are older. This group of friends began to argue aloud why are people playing this game, what lalalalalosers, and others ran right into random things because they were playing Pokemon Go and not paying attention to what was going on around them. But overall Pokemon stood the test of time and  lived happily ever after, even if all the players did not….


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