The Man who Planted Gifting Trees

Day 67

Once upon a time there was a great big circle in the middle of the forest where no trees grew. A lot of times people met in the circle from all different places to talk about things that were going on in their villages. One day in the middle of their meeting a strange man appeared. No one knew who the stranger was, and he was dressed in old clothes and carried a big bag over his shoulder. The stranger asked if he could have a chance to speak to the town. Reluctantly, the circle master said yes. The stranger stood in the middle of the circle and plopped down his bag. Out of the bag the man pulled a white dove. The dove sat on the man’s arm. Then the man went into the bag again and pulled out a very small bag. The man held the bag in his hand and the dove put his beak into the bag and pulled out a bean. The bird flew to the ground with the bean and put it into the dirt. All of the sudden a tree began to grow. The bird reached into the bag again and took another bean and put it into the ground. And another tree began growing. The bird planted 7 trees. And then the man and the bird disappeared. All of the sudden the trees began to grow very quickly. They took up the entire circle and the townspeople were nervous and they had to leave. Later, the townspeople came back to see the magic trees. If any of them touched one of the trees they were bestowed with an amazing gift. One tree gave wisdom, another tree gave honesty. Another, fruitfulness, beauty, intelligence, courage and strength. The townspeople became very successful and their kingdoms grew and they became prosperous and they lived happily ever after.


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