The Princess Who was Afraid to Party

Day 69

Once upon a time there was a great big birthday party planned for a special princess. Well this princess was very happy to be having a birthday party but she was also nervous because she had never had a big birthday party before. The princess usually spent her birthday traveling the countryside and picking out dresses with her mother the queen. But on this birthday, her 7th birthday, the princess was going to have the first birthday party with all of the other princesses and friends. Her mother had been so busy getting ready. Gathering all the food and the preparing the decorations and all the things she had to do for the party that she did not notice that the princess was so nervous and sitting in her room alone. Finally it was the time of the party and the princess was still sitting in her room. The queen went to find the princess because every one had already arrived and were waiting for the princess. When the queen found the princess she asked her what was wrong and the princess explained that she had never been to a big party before and she did not know if she wanted to go. Well her mother realized she had been to busy, so she said, “all the time we are doing new things, this is what makes life happy and fun this is what is called memories.

“When you remember something really fun a lot of times you tried something new. Tell me about a time you tried something new and had fun,”

so the princess thought about it and she began to smile, she said

“the other night the chef made the most marvelous dinner and I had never tried it before, and it was good”

so she princess got up and said,

“now I am ready to go to my birthday party!”

and the queen and the princess went to the most wonderful birthday party ever.


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