The Story of Alvin the Tree

Day 81

There once lived an amazing talking tree named Alvin, who loved to talk about food. He would sit all day long and talk about recipes and restaurants and different sauces and cupcakes. It was really amazing because Alvin could not eat any food. Alvin got his food from the sun and the rain and the soil. But Alvin was a scientist and he new about nutrients and he had been alive for quite a long time over 200 years so he understood about heat and how heat is used to cook things, and he knew about fire too. In fact Alvin knew so much, he was very wise. But one of Alvin’s favorite hobbies was cooking, because he loved to learn. Alvin lived for many years and taught some of the best chefs in the world secrets from chefs who lived hundreds of years before.


Jethro the Ferocious Drum Player

Day 80

Once upon a time there was a giant lion who lived in the middle of the jungle. He was in a band called The Lions Eat The Eagles along with 5 other lions. This lions name was Jethro and he played the drums. He was such a ferocious drum player that he brought quite a crowd to all of his performances. Everyone loved him wherever he went. Some people made tee-shirts, and other people took pictures. He had quite a large group of fans. He was the most famous player and was known everywhere around the world. Everyone loved him and it was all because he was such a ferocious drum player. Jethro lived happily ever after.

How the Terrified Troll got his Courage

Day 79

There was once a terrified troll who lived in a big cave. This troll was afraid of everything especially going to sleep at night. You might think that trolls are mean and scary and not afraid of anything, but that is not true. Some trolls are nice, some people think that they are one of the reasons the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” was invented. Because if you have ever met a troll, and you probably never will, you would know that they are just like everyone else, and they sometimes get scared too. Well especially this troll who lived in the cave. His name was Fred. Poor Fred got so nervous that he chewed on his nails, and he shook in his big boots, and he whined, and he cried. But that was all until one day he learned a special magic trick, well it was not really a magic trick, but it was magic advice, which is like a magic trick, but different, because usually you have to be a magician or have an assistant to perform a magic trick, but when you just take magical advice from some magical creature, well you can do that anywhere, no assistance needed. Well this troll Fred received his advice from a very kind fairy, who would fly from cave to cave, around the forest and over the rainbow. This fairy had been many places and knew many things and was extremely knowledgeable on many things, because once you have been over the rainbow, you become vastly more intelligent. This fairy told Fred that in order to stop being afraid, the troll must sing a song, or think a happy thought, or when it came to getting ready for bed the troll must decide that he was the biggest baddest troll and that nothing could terrify him, because he was so strong. Well Fred thought, I do not feel strong, and I do not feel big or bad. Well the fairy said, “Do not worry Fred, you are thinking way to much about other things. In order not to be scared you must think about how strong you are, not about how strong the other things are. Imagine all the ways you are strong, and that you are in fact the biggest baddest troll. What would you do, where would you go, and if you ever feel afraid, you must just think about yourself instead” So, taking the fairies advice, Fred decided to think about himself, and he noticed that he felt better, and his feet were shaking less in his boots. He started working out too. That is how the terrified troll, became the buff troll.

The Terrible Land of Greatness

Day 78

Once upon a time there was a great big door in a great big garden. This was a very special door, because it led to a magical world where amazing things happened. For example in this magical world, the water fell upwards and all of the peoples socks were never lost. Other special things about this world were that no one ever made plain pancakes, people only ever ate chocolate chip pancakes or blueberry or pecan or something else just as interesting, but in this world nothing was boring. In fact, in this magical world, people themselves were never boring either, at least no one thought that anyone was boring. Which was in fact quite interesting. Many people who would normally have been overlooked were instead glorified, their deeds displayed in random trophy cases, and if they absolutely had nothing to put in the trophy case then of course their latest meal would serve as a great talking point in this magical world, because conveniently for the most dull of inhabitants, their last meal was undoubtedly noteworthy. Now this is important, because you must understand that hardly anyone who went through the door came back. Well of course you may be thinking that the reason for that was because once they went to this magical land of awesomeness, that they did not want to come back, and if you are thinking this, you are wrong. So wrong. So So very wrong, and you must never spread this lie about the great big door which can be found in the great big garden. No, if one steps through that door, they must be prepared to change their entire attitude, which is a very hard thing to change. Attitudes are like opinions, everyone has one. Now once you go through this door, and you really must not go through, the people in the magical would are able to immediately tell if you do not conform to their greatness, and also if you are not able to celebrate the greatness of all the other residents of the magical land. What if you were to come across someone who you have no interest in, or they in fact bored you?  Well you would not be able to act like the people from the land act, because they do not understand how not to be great, think, they think they are great, well of course they will put you in a great big jar of weirdos. All the people come to see the people in the jar of weirdos and some of the less great ones get a talking point from see the jar of weirdos. It is pretty stinky, not like it smells, but getting stuck in a jar in a magical world where everyone is eating amazing pancakes is not fun. So that is why you must never go through that door, and if you do not, you could live happily ever after.

Wormy, Rotten and Wriggly

Day 77

Once upon a time there was a worm who lived inside an apple which was named Wormy. The apple named Wormy was located outside under a tree named Rotten. Wormy liked living underneath Rotten and it just so happened that the worm, who’s name was Wriggly, liked living inside of the apple named Wormy. All three of them lived happily ever after, and Wriggly read haikus, short stories and blog posts every day for the rest of his life, inside of Wormy, underneath Rotten.

A Rollypolly and his Boy

Day 76

Once upon a time there was a rolly polly named Pervis. He lived in a great big yard where a little boy named Marlin lived in the house next to the big green grassy yard. Pervis had never met Marlin before, but he saw Marlin  running about and playing with his toys. To Pervis Marlin looked like he was fun. Marlin was the best at inventing games to play or pretending to be a fireman or a scientist. One day Marlin was sitting down along the pathway running to the front door of his house, so Pervis decided to walk over and say “Hello” to Marlin. He walked over to the path and Marlin saw him at once, Marlin shouted “Hello Mr. Rolly Polly!” and Pervis curled up in a ball and rolled around to show Marlin that he was saying hello. Then said, “Do you want to come live with me Mr. Rolly Polly?” And then Marlin’s mother said, “No bringing bugs in the house Marlin!!” Pervis was happy that Marlin’s mother said that, because Pervis liked living in the big grassy yard. So then Pervis said goodbye to Marlin, who had found a new interesting part of the yard to play in and Pervis said Goodbye to Marlin who had found a new interesting part of the yard to play in and Pervis went on his way. Every now and then Pervis stops by to say hello to Marlin, who is very happy to see him and Pervis is happy to have such an interesting friend.

The Tiny Cat who Travelled the Great Big World

Day 75

Once upon a time there was a very tiny cat named Alfred. Alfred was so small that hardly anyone could see him. Alfred lived on a boat with his owner who was a very nice lady who’s name was Felinia. Together Alfred and Felinia traveled all over the world. They went here and they went there. And everywhere they went Alfred saw so many things. See even though Alfred was so small and hardly anyone could see him, Alfred could see a great many things. Alfred knew that he had seen so many things that many other people and animals would never see. And Alfred had in fact see more of the great big world than the average person. Living with Felina, Alfred was almost the most lucky cat in the entire world. Felina took very good care of Alfred & he was always happy. Every night Felina read him his favorite story about the ocean. The story began “The Ocean so big and blue has sea animals both big and small. The very biggest are the whales, who tell great tales, next is the shark and then the dolphin. The smallest are the fish, the coral and the very small sea horse. But in the big blue ocean all of the animals are important, no matter their size, from the smallest seahorse to the biggest of the whales. No matter how big or how small you are there is a world of wonder for each and every one.” And Felinia would give Alfred a great big kiss and then they would fall asleep and listen to the ocean waves. And they lived happily ever after.

Mr. Eagle Finds a New Home

Day 74

Once upon a time there was an eagle who lived in a very tall tree on the very tip top of the mountain. The eagle loved to fly around from tree top to tree top and see what interesting things were living around him. He saw Mr. Goat and Mrs. Lamb and Mr. & Mrs. Alpaca. He saw Mr. Toad and Miss Frog, and Mr. & Mrs. Goose and their Goslings. He saw Mrs. Rabbit and
Mrs. Moose. He also saw the tall mountain, the not as tall mountain and the kind of short mountain. He saw the road to where the the little cabin at the end of the road was. Some times he flew very far all the way to the lake where he usually went to his other next in the top of the willow tree. He loved to fly around, but one day after living the nest at the willow, he could not find his nest in his other tree. All of the trees were gone. Where he thought his home was all that was left was tree stumps. Well Mr. Eagle was very sad and he did not know where anything or anything was, even the mountains looked different. So he began to fly around in search of his friends. He looked in different places, he found Mr. Goat, Mrs. Lamb and Mr & Mrs. Alpaca on the kind of short mountain, and as he flew by they all billied to say hello. Then he found Mr. & Mrs. Goose with their Goslings who hissed about all the tree being cut down. Mr. Eagle found Mr. Toad and Miss Frog, who had both croaked. And Finally he found Mrs.Moose and Mrs.Rabbit and then he flew back to willows nest decided to make his new home in the willow and make more new friends away from the mountains. And he lived happily ever after.

The Best Pizza in the World

Day 73

Once upon a time there was a very big piece of pizza. This piece of pizza was the absolute best most humongous pizza slice in the entire universe. It was kept under close watch by the pizza scientists and also by the people who wanted to eat the slice of pizza. But no one was allowed to eat the slice of pizza because it was the best slice in the entire universe. So all the people who wanted to eat the slice of pizza had to visit the slice of pizza in the pizza zoo, where the slice of pizza was kept. One day the slice of pizza disappeared and none of the pizza zoo keepers had any idea where the slice of pizza went. All the scientists were scratching their heads and all the people who wanted to eat it began arguing loudly. Each one thought that the other one had eaten the pizza slice. For almost two years there were groups of people who set about to find out what had happened to the slice of pizza. But no one was ever able to find it out. So the scientists wrote in their text books about the mysterious disappearance and the pizza zoo keeper found new jobs, and the people that wanted to eat the slice of pizza met regularly at the local pizza places to share a pizza pie and discuss what they believed to be the recipe for the slice. But it was long considered a mystery, the only person who knew what had become of the slice of pizza was the chef who created the pizza slice. He had disappeared shortly after creating the slice of pizza, most people thought that this was because he didn’t want to be harassed by the journalists who were constantly writing article about the pizza. But in actually he lived in the middle of a small town in Wisconsin, near a dairy farm, in a large house that he built before making the slice of pizza. Of course he did not tell anyone about his house in Wisconsin, but there he waited to devour his slice of pizza. He was an inventor so he created a tracking device which he attached to the pizza slice that would teleport the pizza slice to him wherever he was. So once he decided he wanted to eat pizza, he just clicked a button and there was the pizza. He ate his slice of pizza and fell asleep with a very full belly and he lived happily ever after.

The Girl Who Loved to Bake Cookies

Day 72

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to bake cookies. She had four favorite kinds of cookies. Chocolate cookies were her very favorite of all time. Her second favorite were sugar cookies. Her third favorite were chocolate chip cookies and her last favorite were peanut butter. Each day she baked new cookies and tried different kinds. One day she got a new cook book with almost 45 different types of cookies to try. She decided to try them all and write notes in her notebook about which cookies she liked and which cookies she did not like. She had been keeping her cookie notebook for years. She decided that she wanted to be a chef when she grew up who had her own cookie factory. So when she was older she opened a cookie factory which sold the very best cookies in the whole country. Every time she needed to create a new cookie recipe she could look into her cookie notes and find out how to make the next best cookie. Inside the factory she kept her cookie journal in a special vault. She had a special code to get into the vault. One day someone broke in and stole all of the cookie journals. She knew who stole the journals because she had one big cookie competitor. She organized a search and promised that whoever recovered her cookie journals would receive their very own cookie recipe. So every one was looking for her journals. One person found her journals and returned them to the vault. She was very happy and had a great big party to celebrate. She made an incredible new cookie recipe that everyone said was the best ever. From then on no one ever broke into the vault and she continued to make the best cookies in all the land.