The Girl Who Loved to Bake Cookies

Day 72

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to bake cookies. She had four favorite kinds of cookies. Chocolate cookies were her very favorite of all time. Her second favorite were sugar cookies. Her third favorite were chocolate chip cookies and her last favorite were peanut butter. Each day she baked new cookies and tried different kinds. One day she got a new cook book with almost 45 different types of cookies to try. She decided to try them all and write notes in her notebook about which cookies she liked and which cookies she did not like. She had been keeping her cookie notebook for years. She decided that she wanted to be a chef when she grew up who had her own cookie factory. So when she was older she opened a cookie factory which sold the very best cookies in the whole country. Every time she needed to create a new cookie recipe she could look into her cookie notes and find out how to make the next best cookie. Inside the factory she kept her cookie journal in a special vault. She had a special code to get into the vault. One day someone broke in and stole all of the cookie journals. She knew who stole the journals because she had one big cookie competitor. She organized a search and promised that whoever recovered her cookie journals would receive their very own cookie recipe. So every one was looking for her journals. One person found her journals and returned them to the vault. She was very happy and had a great big party to celebrate. She made an incredible new cookie recipe that everyone said was the best ever. From then on no one ever broke into the vault and she continued to make the best cookies in all the land.


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