Mr. Eagle Finds a New Home

Day 74

Once upon a time there was an eagle who lived in a very tall tree on the very tip top of the mountain. The eagle loved to fly around from tree top to tree top and see what interesting things were living around him. He saw Mr. Goat and Mrs. Lamb and Mr. & Mrs. Alpaca. He saw Mr. Toad and Miss Frog, and Mr. & Mrs. Goose and their Goslings. He saw Mrs. Rabbit and
Mrs. Moose. He also saw the tall mountain, the not as tall mountain and the kind of short mountain. He saw the road to where the the little cabin at the end of the road was. Some times he flew very far all the way to the lake where he usually went to his other next in the top of the willow tree. He loved to fly around, but one day after living the nest at the willow, he could not find his nest in his other tree. All of the trees were gone. Where he thought his home was all that was left was tree stumps. Well Mr. Eagle was very sad and he did not know where anything or anything was, even the mountains looked different. So he began to fly around in search of his friends. He looked in different places, he found Mr. Goat, Mrs. Lamb and Mr & Mrs. Alpaca on the kind of short mountain, and as he flew by they all billied to say hello. Then he found Mr. & Mrs. Goose with their Goslings who hissed about all the tree being cut down. Mr. Eagle found Mr. Toad and Miss Frog, who had both croaked. And Finally he found Mrs.Moose and Mrs.Rabbit and then he flew back to willows nest decided to make his new home in the willow and make more new friends away from the mountains. And he lived happily ever after.


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