The Terrible Land of Greatness

Day 78

Once upon a time there was a great big door in a great big garden. This was a very special door, because it led to a magical world where amazing things happened. For example in this magical world, the water fell upwards and all of the peoples socks were never lost. Other special things about this world were that no one ever made plain pancakes, people only ever ate chocolate chip pancakes or blueberry or pecan or something else just as interesting, but in this world nothing was boring. In fact, in this magical world, people themselves were never boring either, at least no one thought that anyone was boring. Which was in fact quite interesting. Many people who would normally have been overlooked were instead glorified, their deeds displayed in random trophy cases, and if they absolutely had nothing to put in the trophy case then of course their latest meal would serve as a great talking point in this magical world, because conveniently for the most dull of inhabitants, their last meal was undoubtedly noteworthy. Now this is important, because you must understand that hardly anyone who went through the door came back. Well of course you may be thinking that the reason for that was because once they went to this magical land of awesomeness, that they did not want to come back, and if you are thinking this, you are wrong. So wrong. So So very wrong, and you must never spread this lie about the great big door which can be found in the great big garden. No, if one steps through that door, they must be prepared to change their entire attitude, which is a very hard thing to change. Attitudes are like opinions, everyone has one. Now once you go through this door, and you really must not go through, the people in the magical would are able to immediately tell if you do not conform to their greatness, and also if you are not able to celebrate the greatness of all the other residents of the magical land. What if you were to come across someone who you have no interest in, or they in fact bored you?  Well you would not be able to act like the people from the land act, because they do not understand how not to be great, think, they think they are great, well of course they will put you in a great big jar of weirdos. All the people come to see the people in the jar of weirdos and some of the less great ones get a talking point from see the jar of weirdos. It is pretty stinky, not like it smells, but getting stuck in a jar in a magical world where everyone is eating amazing pancakes is not fun. So that is why you must never go through that door, and if you do not, you could live happily ever after.


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