Erma and the Dreaming Window

Day 82

Once upon a time there was a very big window in a beautiful old house, and every day a little girl sat next to the big window and dreamed very big dreams. She thought of the most amazing things in the whole world that she could think of. Sometimes she thought about traveling in space, and sometimes she dreamt of far away places and people like the ancient Egyptian mummies, and the mermaids who lived in underwater cities. Other days when she sat next to the big window she thought about great big parties with fun games like bobbing for apples and great games of hide and go seek that would last for hours. But mainly she thought about different places in the world that she wanted to go and all the things that she wanted to do. The little girls name was Erma. Erma had a notebook that she kept next to her by the window and she also had a camera. Anytime she thought of something especially neat she would write it down, and since her very big window looked out over the ocean, because she lived next to the ocean, she would also take pictures of the boats and the people by the water. Sometimes she saw dolphins and Erma could even imagine that there may actually be a underwater city outside, and she really did hope to see a mermaid. Well one day there was a very big storm that came to the ocean, Erma was sitting next to the window, when her mother came to her and said, Erma we have to leave and go into town and make sure that we are safe from the storm. Well Erma said, ok, and she took her camera and her notebook and she was ready to go, along with her teddy bear, because teddy bears need to be protected from the rain too. So they went into town and waited until the storm was over. But when they got back, the storm had really torn apart their home, and Erma was really happy that her mom took her into town. Her father came back to check on the house before they got there and had put a big blue tarp against the window which covered up where all the glass got broken by the wind. Erma decided to start making some plans for how to make her dreams come true. So she went through her notebook and by each page she wrote down where she would have to go to make that dream come true, expect for the obvious ones that happened in the past like the ancient Egyptians, in which case Erma wrote “Imax” next to those, and that is how Erma pursued her dreams and became one of the worlds best adventurers and also one of the Imax movies best customer.


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