Shelley and the Big Seashell Hunt

Day 84

Shelley and the Big Seashell Hunt

Once upon a time, there was a mermaid who’s name was Shelley. Shelley loved to find the most beautiful seashells and put them in her room under the ocean.

Inside her castle, under the water, she collected seashells from all over the ocean.

One day there was a very big storm which destroyed the castle. Shelley was very sad because all of the beautiful seashells that she had been collecting were misplaced all over the ocean and were going to be very difficult to find.

So she asked her friends to help her find the seashells.

She organized a seashell hunt.

It was fun for her friends because they were all looking for the interesting seashells.

Once they found all the shells, Shelley was very happy and gave her friends each a beautiful seashell to take home with them.

They were all very happy and continued to help find shells with Shelley for many more years.

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