The Busy Boy from Miami

Day 85

The Busy Boy From Miami

Once upon a time, there was a boy who lived in a very strange place where there were a whole bunch of lizards and cats.

The boy decided that he would go out and count how many lizards he could find. He ended up counting over 100 lizards. The next day he decided to count the cats, he saw over 25 cats. So he decided that all of the lizards and cats needed names.

The lizards were easy to name because he either named them after presidents of the united states or their wives. Some of the lizards he named after important people too like Henry Ford or Jimi Hendrix. But only the ones with really neat colors.

The cats he named after comic book characters and other superheroes.

Then after he did all of this he decided to go to bed, because this took him a very long time and he was very sleepy.

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