Glow Learns to be a Butterfly

Day 87

Glow Learns to Be a Butterfly

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful butterfly whose name was Glow. Glow got her name when she was a very little caterpillar because she could glow in the dark and light up the night for all the other bugs in the area.

Once Glow became a butterfly she became sad because she needed longer glowed like she did when she was a caterpillar. She even felt like the other bugs didn’t want to be her friend anymore because they no longer needed her for light.

So even though she could fly through the sky and flap her new and beautiful wings she was not as happy as she once was.

One day one of her friends asked her why she seemed sad and Glow replied, “even though I have beautiful wings and can fly through the sky and look down on the beautiful flower tops, I miss being able to share my light with my friends. I feel like friends don’t even need me anymore.” She looked down and a tiny little tear fell down onto the flower tops.

Her friend told her, “Glow even though you don’t give us light, the light is still inside you and we can all still feel your beauty when we are with you. Do not be sad my friend, for you are just as beautiful now as you once were.” And the little butterfly named Glow felt much better and knew that everything would be alright.

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