The Boy who Travels to Far Away

Day 88

The Boys Who Travels to Far Away

Once upon a time, there was a great big pond in the middle of the forest and a little boy who traveled to the pond every day to throw a wishing stone into the pond.

The little boy wanted to travel to the distant land of Far Away with his family to get an amazing new home. He decided that each day he would go to the pond and throw in a stone because the mystic man in the town told him that throwing 500 wishing stones into the pond would make the bottom of the pond heavy and then open the door for the mermaid to come out and grant wishes.

Once the boy had thrown in his 500 stones, a mermaid appeared and asked the little boy to tell her his wish. When he did she told him to go back home and pack his bags and have his family meet back at the edge of the pond and wait for the mermaid.

So brought his family with him and they and the boy showed up at the pond just before dawn.

The mermaid appeared and began to sing a magical mermaid song while they traveled to Far Away.

Once they arrived they were very happy and lived in Far Away until then end of their days.

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