Princess Marie get Married

Day 89

Princess Marie Gets Married

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who lived in a castle and her name was Marie. Marie was the youngest of the other 10 princesses who also lived in the castle and she was the only one who was not yet married. Ever since Marie was a little girl she knew that she would marry her best friend. And now the time was coming for the Prince to bring the proposal to the courts for the entire kingdom to celebrate and participate in the festivities. The Prince decided to tell the whole kingdom about his everlasting love for Marie. Marie’s mother had gotten her prepared for the day for the past year, telling her about the special things that were to come. In fact, Marie knew what the day would be like because her ten older sisters had all celebrated their engagement days and then later their weddings. That night before the announcement in the court the Prince took Marie most beautiful place in the entire country and set a beautiful dinner for them. He asked Marie by the light of the candle if she would marry him. She was happy and then they went to the courts and announced their marriage. The Prince and Princess spent the entire night together and were so happy. When Princess Marie fell asleep that night she was so happy and dreamed about her beautiful ever after.

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