The Elephant who Got a City Job

Day 90

The Elephant Who Got a City Job

There once lived an elephant who lived in the jungle. He wanted to cross the entire jungle and go to the big city and get a job carrying people around the city. The elephant walked and walked and he rested at night.

Along his journey, he made friends with a little blue and yellow bird and he also made friends with a small monkey and a different dog. Together they spent their days traveling and laughing and poking fun at one another.

On and on they went because the jungle was a very big place.

Finally one day the bird flew ahead and saw that they only had one more day before they arrived in the city.

The elephant knew that his friends and he would need a place to sleep while he went to work. He told his friends to look out for a nice place.

They found a little open area next to a small river near the town where they decided to stay. There the bird made a nest, the dog collected his balls and the monkey kept all the things he found in the city, and the elephant kept his clothes for work.

They had a lot of fun every day and at night they talked and the went to bed. The group of friends lived happily ever after.

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