King Geffery, Queen Laurilynn and the Evil Margta

Day 92

King Geffery, Queen Laurilynn and the Evil Margta

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful castle but inside the castle lived a very scary witch. On the other side of the kingdom was a little shack and inside was the Queen Laurilynn.

But no one knew that the Queen  Laurilynn was there because the evil witch Margta cursed the Queen into the shack. It was a very strong and terrible curse because not a single one of the townspeople could recognize the Queen.

The whole country was under the spell of the evil with Margta. Only the sweet King Geffery knew who the Queen was. He could tell it was his one true love the Queen Laurilynn because he loved her much.

King Geffery knew that his love had been banished to a small shack but the evil witch also cast the King out into the desert outside the kingdom. The desert was very big and it would take 40 days at least before he could reach the queen. The king was tired and thirsty and his feet hurt from walking every day.

He walked and walked, through the big desert and finally, the king arrived back at the castle which was being controlled by the evil witch. The townspeople recognized their king and their love for the sweet and generous King Geffery defeated the evil witch.

Once the witch was gone and never to return, the King rushed to the side of his beautiful and forgotten Queen.

He took his queen the most beautiful flowers to the Queen.

A big group of countrymen who recognized their queen immediately because the spell was lifted.

All the townspeople celebrated the return of their beloved king and queen two returned to the castle where they lived happily ever after.


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