The Puppy who Climbed Mountains

Day 93

The Puppy Who Climbed Mountains

Once upon a time, there was a puppy who wanted to climb to the top of a mountain with his owner. The puppy’s owner was a professional mountain climber.

His owner told him that they could climb to the top of Chimborazo and the puppy was excited, but he knew he would have to do a lot of practicing but he didn’t care.

So every day he practiced and he grew much bigger. He climbed everywhere, in his yard, on the couch, and sometimes they went to the hills nearby to practice too.

The puppy got scared that he wouldn’t get big enough to climb Chimborazo, because it is the tallest mountain in the entire world.

Then once he was strong and knew how to climb the puppy and his owner traveled all the way around the world to Chimborazo.

They climbed to the very top and the owner was so proud of his pup.

When they got to the bottom they had a great big meal and then went to bed because they were very tired.

They slept for a very long time and dreamed of their amazing adventures.

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