The Magical Kingdom of Whatnot

Day 94

The Magical Kingdom of Whatnot

Once upon a time, there was a magical kingdom in the middle of a land called Whatnot. In this kingdom everyone did amazing things, all of the people in the other kingdoms would travel to Whatnot to see all of the amazing statues, wonderful houses, enormous castles and incredible shows.

Everything was happy in Whatnot and the people lived together in peace until…

One day an evil witch decided to cast a spell over the entire kingdom of Whatnot which made all the people into humongous giants.

All of the other kingdoms were suddenly scared of the people in Whatnot and they refused to enter the city that they once loved.

They even began preparing to battle Whatnot.

The people who lived in Whatnot were afraid of battles even though they were great big giants, but the citizens of Whatnot began to prepare for war as well.

This was exactly what the evil queen wanted.

When the people were unable to reach an agreement, the Giants built a wall around Whatnot.

In their final hope for peace, they sent up a big group of white doves into the air as a sign that they wanted peace.

Immediately the other kingdoms understood and laid down their weapons which reversed the witches spell.

It was three weeks before the last stone was removed from the wall and then all the kingdoms created a big festival to celebrate their peace.

This day is still celebrated today and they all lived happily ever after.

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