The Story of the Magic Cherry Tree

Day 96

The Story of the Magic Cherry Tree

Once upon a time, there was a cherry tree who was very cheery. This tree was also magic. Anyone who went to the tree would get the gift of eternal youth.

Now, this tree was very happy to give the gift to very many people. But one day someone wanted to try to dig up the tree so that they could have the tree all to themselves. This was sad because once the tree was dug up not only one person would be able to get the gift.

The person who was trying to steal the tree for themselves was in the middle of digging up the tree when all of the sudden the cherry tree dropped all of its blossoms and said,

“please don’t dig me up, if you do then I will lose my connection to the earth and I can never again give my gift.”

Then the person immediately stopped and walked away.

Once he got home he saw that he was aging very fast and he was about to die. So he went back to the tree and asked the tree,

“What has happened, why am I getting old? And the tree sighed and said,

” you are aging very fast and will be soon perishing like the gift your tried to steal from the others, but if you do 1 good thing for another you will get back 1 year, now in order to keep your youth you must devote your life to helping others and you can keep your gift.”

The man left and began to help others. He found that he actually liked helping other people, he ended up being very happy and living a very long and he always tried to protect the tree from someone else who wants to dig up the tree and keep the gift for themselves.

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