Tinsel The Turtle

Day 97

Tinsle The Turtle

Once upon a time, there was a little turtle named Tinsel.

Tinsel had a very hard turtle shell and he walked so slowly everywhere he went.

From here to there Tinsel took his whole house and lived by the river.

From time to time Tinsel peeked his head out of his shell and look around and thought about how beautiful the world was.

He was very happy to see that the trees were growing and the flies were landing on the lily pad and that the ducks were walking here and there.

Tinsel grew older and older and he knew almost everything he would see when he put his head out of his shell. But he was still happy to see the beautiful world around him.

He was a happy turtle.

Sometimes being a turtle was hard because he moved slowly and carried all that he needed with him, but he was happy and knew more than most of the animals who came to visit.

Turtles are good animals and this is why when cars stop on the road they do not hit a turtle and they help them cross the road.

Turtles like Tinsel live long lives and some live in the ocean.

Tinsel lived happily ever after.

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