The Great Dolphin Swimming Competition

Day 98

The Great Dolphin Swimming Competition

Once upon a time, there was an enormous group of dolphins who lived in the ocean.

They swam around all day long and loved to splash. These dolphins were actually very fast swimmers.

Sometimes the dolphins would race to see who was the fastest swimmer. One day they were having a race when all of the sudden a whale decided that he wanted to race too. And then a group of sharks wanted to join in.

All the sudden they decided to have a giant ocean animal swimming competition.

They all had so much with together they decided to have their competition each month.

The seals, Marlins, barracudas, and squid all came to see the races. Some of the squids even raced too.

Usually, the Dolphins won, but sometimes the squid or barracudas would win.

The sharks quit after a while because they kept losing the races, but would still come to laugh and watch on the sidelines.

The sea animals all had great fun with their ocean competitions and were really happy that the Dolphins started the fun event.

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