The Snow Women

Day 99

The Snow Women

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful baby who was born in February. Her mother was also born in February.

When the baby was born there was a snow storm and hardly anyone could get to the hospital because of the snow. The mother was also born during a snowstorm. Once the baby grew up and could walk and play outside her mother would take her outside to play on snowy white days.

They had so much fun and because they were both born during the snow storms, they thought that the snowstorms were magical!

Sometimes they would tell stories about the different snowflakes and the imaginary snowmen and snowwomen who came to town whenever the snow fell.  They called themselves snowwomen too. They loved to go on sleigh rides and ride on skis down the mountains.

One day the mother got lost in the snow.

The little girl ran to find her father and all of their friends to go search for her mother.

Finally they found her, she had gotten lost and taken a wrong turn in the big woods outside of their house.

They were very happy to see each other and sat by the fire all night played lots of games fun games, and drank great big mugs of hot chocolate.

And they still love adventuring, but made sure no one ever got lost anymore!

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