A Hurricane Gets His Name

Day 100

Hurricane (1)

Once upon a time, there was a very big hurricane. Most hurricanes get names, but this one did not get a name because people forgot to give him one.

He was so sad.

He began to cry and as he got more and more upset he got bigger and all the people began to worry about him.

Once he was really big, the people did end up giving the hurricane a name. The people talked about the hurricane all over the news. He was famous. Everyone knew who he was!

His name was Michael, and he was very happy.  He liked the name the name that the people gave him.

Then he did not slow down. The hurricane Michael was a big storm on the water, he made lots of waves and buckets of rain.

That is the way people remember the hurricanes.

Michael knew that he wanted to be remembered forever and since he was so big and strong, and finally got his name, he knew that he would never be forgotten.

Eventually, he calmed down, and drifted away, back into the ocean, but people still talk about him, even to this day.

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