10 Ways to Increase your Income

10 Ways to Increase your Income:

Want to learn how to increase your income!-

  1. Earn money online doing virtual work, taking surveys, doing a phone job, getting rebates
    1. Virtual Work From Home Companies: FancyHands and Time Etc.
    2. Rebates: When you shop online you will earn cashback on whatever you spend when you create an ebates It is free!
    3. Survey Companies: Inbox Dollars, FusionCash, Vindale Research
  2. Make Money with your Blog
    1. Use affiliate links a great affiliate link company to start with is cj.com CJ Affiliates is awesome because of their long cookie policy. Here you can apply to different companies affiliate programs.
    2. Add Amazon Associates to link Amazon Products
    3. Share projects and challenges you are involved in.
  3. Become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Representative – This is a great way to increase your income, because not only do you make money from product sales, but you can save money at stores like Office Depot, on your Auto Insurance, and earn free vacations and much more. If you are interested in getting started contact me or sign up on my website http://www.marykay.com/ecotter
  4. Sign up to walk dogs for people, babysit, or housesit.
    1. Signup on rover.com to become a dog sitter or use a dog sitter, to help you manage your pets when you go out of town and never pay for expensive kennels again! use my link to get $20 off your first time at rover.com
    2. Sign up to babysit, help with elder care, or clean houses at care.com or find a housekeeper, babysitter, or assistance and you may save some money on things you are already paying for.
  5. Put your house on Airbnb. I love Airbnb and have used it frequently when traveling for work. If you have extra space you can rent it to someone and make a good deal of money!
  6. Make money with your devices:
    1. Use you fitbit to make money or other healthy apps, with Achievement! This website takes data from all the places that you record fitness information and then pays you when you are healthy!
    2. Make money with your smartphone just for unlocking your phone! Sign up at Slidejoy today!
  7. Start Investing. This is a very important one! Make sure that the money that you make is making money for you! Here are three of my favorites to begin investing.
    1. Acorns- Easily take your round-ups from your spending on your debit cards and turn it into a money making investment. You can also set up a recurring transfer!
    2. Wealthfront- This is a great investment account if you want a robo adviser with a great automated investment service. There is a minimum $500 investment to open an account.
    3. Motif Investing- Get a free 3-month trial of Motif, a smart way to invest for people who care. Motif makes it easy to build an investment portfolio that aligns your financial goals with your personal values. With this free trial, you will get access to their Impact accounts as well as their powerful trading tools.
  8. Get a better bank! Stop paying bank fees! Switch to online banks and see how much money you save each month in fees. One of the best is Chime Bank read my full review of this bank here: https://bedtimestoriesforbrighid.com/2017/06/09/this-awesome-bank-will-give-you-10/
  9. Make Money with your social media- Get Paid to Tweet and post! Check out IZEA They bring companies that want you to tweet and post their products. You can even earn commission from tweets, if someone clicks on a product you post and make a purchase.
  10. Sign up to be a website tester with usertesting.com This company will pay you to test websites. All you need is a webcam!

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