Release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Yourself. Why I want to Make this Possible


I want my readers to know why I want to make releasing genetically modified mosquitoes a possibility for the average person. Yes, it could be possible, with support and financial backers! *contact me by email if you are interested in backing this project!

As some of my readers may know, I used to live in Miami, Florida. I lived in Miami for only about 3 months. When I was living there I would regularly see signs warning women to wear bug spray to protect themselves against the Zika Virus. If you do not know much about this virus it is a virus that can cause babies to be born with a birth defect causing their heads to be too small.


This is terribly scary for a mother or women trying to get pregnant since the Zika virus attacks the embryo during the first trimester, when many women are not even yet aware that they are pregnant.

Zika Virus

All of this information is from a TED talk I recently watched by Nina Fedoroff, Watch her explain it here, she does an AMAZING job! 

There is bad news about the Zika Virus and then there is more actual bad news via the media regarding the Zika Virus. First, there is currently not a vaccination for the virus. Second, there is no real way to protect yourself, because Bug Spray is not reliable unless you coat yourself in it every single day.

Then comes even more bad news, the sprays that they are releasing in cities, do not work to kill the mosquitoes, and instead are killing helpful bumblebees. ūüė¶

Here’s the catch, there IS a proven method to kill mosquitoes, which not only kills mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus, but mosquitoes carrying other viruses like dengay¬†fever.

Learn more about the Zika Virus by reading

Zika: The Emerging Epidemic by New York Times science reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr.


What is this proven method? Genetically Modified Mosquitoes, these mosquitoes basically are not able to produce viable offspring so the mosquito population dies, and then humans cannot be infected because there are not anymore annoying bloodsuckers to infect them!

Wow, this sounds amazing, perhaps beside the name, “Genetically Modified Mosquitoes” ¬†Genetically modified just means that they were created or changed inside a lab.

Actually, it has been proven that they cause NO harm to people. But what does endanger humans is the mosquitoes.

Well, the only good news about this whole situation is that the FDA is currently in charge of regulating these Genetically Modified Mosquitoes, however, currently, there these Genetically Modified Mosquitoes are not being sold or packaged for sale to the average person.

Did you know you can purchase boxes of beneficial bugs right from your local plant nursery? Yes you can! and these “beneficial bugs” either kill the bad bugs or the benefical bugs help to enrich the soil. They may not be created in a lab or altered by science, but they provide the same positive solution to the buyer.


These Beneficial Nematodes are available from Green State Gardner 

So why should women and their husbands or significant others not be able to receive the benefit for their children to be protected from the Zika Virus, it is simply because the solution does not technically exist.

Hence, why I am asking for financial backers and supporters of my endeavor to get these boxes of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes available to be sold to the public, then people would be able to release them of their own free will in their residences and on their property, ensuring the safety of themselves and their children.


What’s more, I propose that a part of this business solution would be to donate one box to a family in a developing country where they would not be able to pay for these life saving beneficial bugs.

Families would benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that their purchase of these beneficial bugs, Genetically Modified Mosquitoes, would help save lives in other countries that are torn apart by disease and lack of clean water.

I simply believe that it should be up to the consumer to purchase what is most helpful to protect themselves and their families just like how you can purchase and release bugs in your garden now, and I believe that creating a company to make these boxes is the best solution and one that will help the world.

Please show your support by leaving your opinions below, retweeting, and sharing this article with your friends and families. Once I have the crowdfunding site set up I will be able to begin accepting donations to begin production, liscensing and business development.

Please be a part of this awesome solution to the Zika Virus threat.




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