Creepy Mexican Legends to Spook You This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and I have been having fun learning about some of the spookiest Mexican legends.

You may have guessed that as a writer and blogger of bedtime stories, that I enjoy hearing new and interesting stories! Well halloween is an awesome time of the year to learn some new ghost stories. Interestingly enough these ghost stories in Mexico are frequently told to children to get them to not go out at night and be good. Similar to the original fairy tales from along time ago, popularized by Disney and the new show Once Upon a Time.

Here are some of the more interesting mexican ghost stories:

La Llorona- there are many different variations to this story.  The traditional story is either that a)  there was a woman who loved a man who did not love her back and she was so sad that she drowned her children and is now a ghost who steals children and turns men crazy.  B)  (the more popular version)  is that she was a woman who’s home was on fire she took her children to the river and they were drowned but she didn’t find out untill later and she wanders the earth stealing children.  There are many different versions of this story.  

One movie that is really interesting to watch that tells this story as well as another story about The Island of the Dolls,  a supposedly haunted island in Mexico,  is the animated movie LA Leyenda De LA Llorna which is available with English subtitles.  My DB and I watched this a week or so ago,  and it is really cute.  

One of the other legends is of Los Chaneques these are basically little grimlins or similar to a leprechaun,  which come and cause troubles,  and move things around.  If you search on YouTube you can find some really interesting videos about these little guys.  

Another legend is the hitchhiker and the haunted bus.  The hitchhiker is a legend of a women who is picked up and tells a man where her home is.  He goes and asks of the woman only to find out she has passed on years before.  Later the men are said to die.  The Haunted bus is a legend in a town in mexico in which an entire bus died,  now the bus comes and stops and picks up a living person,  and revels all the passengers are deceased.  If the person goes back and sits down and exits the bus later when the bus stops,  they will live,  but if the person screams or anything they will die.  

These are some of the legends I’ve been learning about from my boyfriend who is from Mexico.  We plan to celebrate Halloween by just watching a movie.  We will also leave food out on November 3rd which is the day of the dead,  or dia De Los muertos,  in which the belief in mexico,  is that it is the time of the year that you are able to communicate with loved ones who has passed on.  Traditionally you leave out bread and water for your loved ones because the journey from the world of the dead is long and tiring.  

Here is what I am making for dinner tonight: 

This is a really easy recipe for the fall.  I love making crockpot meals, because they are very easy and super filling! This is a super simple recipe.  All you have to do is add potatoes,  carrots,  onion,  chicken, corn,  some seasonings,  whole grain rice,  and black beans if you like.  


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