10 Ways to Focus on Income Producing Activities and How This Creates Success

Income Producing activities are activities that will lead to an influx of income.  It can sometimes be difficult because you may become overwhelmed with various to-dos,  especially if you are a stay at home mom, opening a new business,  or in a sales job.

Sometimes you may get caught up in spending a lot of time on social media,  getting headshots for your company,  spending time with a success coach or trying to learn a new skill,  or just pushing out content on your blog. After all of your work you realize that you are left with no money,  because you’ve lost focus on your income producing activities.

A good rule to remember is to spend at least half or preferrably 75% of your time on activities that are sure to boost your available,  fluid income.

Here is my list of ten ways to help you keep your focus on income generating activities:

1. Make a money goal.  Decide how much money you want to make each day,  and figure out what it will take for you to reach your goal.

I recommend getting Grant Cardone’s Millionare Booklet which will give you a good guide for income goals,  for each day,  week,  month etc to help you stay focused on these goals.

Here is a link to a recent YouTube video,  I did about Grant Cardones Booklet.  

2. Keep track of your money.  Also known as budgeting or balanced budgeting.  This is where you keep track of how much money you are spending and how much money you have coming in.  Putting your attention on money is a great way to help your abundance mindset.  This will also help keep you focused on bringing in the dough.  What if you knew that you could get 10 people to sign up for inbox dollars,  and each week they were taking one or two surveys for extra money,  and you were recieving referral income?  Well maybe it isn’t much income,  but it is income.  What about if you are in direct sales and you have 3 new sign ups,  have you reached out to them? Make sure your sales team is reaching their goals.  And keep track of when you have income coming in.  Big burts of income and small.

3. Focus on your one on one time with clients. Advertising is great,  but new client sales is even better.  If you are spending more time trying to advertise your services on social media than you are doing one on one client pitches,  your probably missing out on generating income.  Focus more energy on sending new writing pitches,  talking to actual clients and asking them to buy than you do on just telling the universe about your service.  Generate income and push that income into advertising.  A great idea is to hire someone to do the advertising for you,  like a virtual assistant,  and focus only on signing new deals.  If you are a writer and wanting help learning how to make money with your writing, and how to successfully pitch your work,  I suggest signing up for Elna Cain’s Write to 1K course for freelance writers.  

4. Selling new products.  It is important to remember to spend a bit of time each week on aquiring a few new products to add to items your selling.  For example,  if you have a great selling eBook,  consider spending time creating one more.  If you make money selling on ebay,  add more listings.  If you are already making money with a great book,  instead of focusing on more advertising write another one.

5. Keep Track on Trello Boards. I like to keep all my jobs on a board on trello.  My jobs are things that produce income for me.  It could be a job I go to everyday,  items I can sell to increase my income,  side gigs and hustles I do,  my stocks,  my income and my refferal income.  That way you can go instantly to your trello board,  and see where to put your focus.

6. Focus on your leads.  If you are beating yourself upside the head over generating more income,  or getting lost in the social media shuffle.  Spend some time on generating leads,  and following up.  Make a list of who is interested in your product.  Make your list of 100 people who you know.  Actually contact people who comment on your social posts,  they are warmer leads than staring at your computer feeling stuck.  Has a recruiter contacted you lately?  Have you been requested on LinkedIn?  Find out how you can add some income through new leads.  And try not to get stuck thinking sales just happen.

7. Go to work.  If you are sitting at home worrying about income,  trying to advertise or make a new sale,  or feeling stuck,  go to work.  Find a mini gig,  can you get paid to babysit on Sunday morning at your church nursery?  I used to sell hand made cards that I’d glued together out of magazines.  I would sell these for 50 cents to a dollar a piece to people at my church. I also sold handmade scarves. And got paid to work in the nursery,  took side baby-sitting jobs,  and mowed lawns.  And much more,  all through one network (my church).  Plus I had a job after school,  and was in school making money for the student council,  the prom committee or whatever else.  Consider joining more organizations,  or finding things on craiglist you can do for one night.  Why stay in alone with your husband or wife on Saturday night when you could offer three of your friends with kids a date night out and make an extra $250 bucks baby-sitting for one night?  Scheduleing this regularly 2 times a month would add an extra $6000 worth of income a year,  and your biggest expense would be $5 little ceasers pizza or free if you cook up some pasta! Plus it doesn’t matter if you are rich,  poor, old or young,  you just need to be a responsible babysitter to do this!  I suggest adding a few new “gigs” one day gigs,  try working at a concert or something fun and exciting.  These are fun free ways to generate more income.

8. Write down weekly goals. Decide what you want to do each week in terms of income and expenses.  What items are on your wishlist?  Do you want a new car?  A new software?  A new house?  Breifly write down a wishlist at the beginning of the week.  Don’t spend too much time on this. The benefit of doing this is that it will help you not fall vitcim to stagnancy.

9. Create a vision board on Pinterest.  Decide to live in abundance and believe that income is coming your way.  One of my favorite abdundace affirmations is “I love money because money is always here for me.” I got this affirmation from reading,  You are a Bada$$ at making money,  by Jen Sincero.  In her book,  she recommends creating a vision board.  I highly recommend this book to help you get on track with your money mindset.You can follow me on Pinterest too,  I have a bunch of great boards on income and making money. 

This is a photo I took when I was meditating on this affirmation.

10. Find a group to motivate you and keep you on track.  Whether this is your sales team,  your bloggers’ Facebook group,  a team of people you create yourself,  your family,  or your fan following,  enlist others help to keep yourself on track.  Just like when people join support groups for losing weight,  find a support group for income generation,  and use it to the max!

Using these ten strategies will help you create success, because you will be working toward a goal,  you will feel more focused and less frazzeled and your wallet will end up fatter.  Once you’ve got your money juices flowing you can outsource the static to a virtual assistant or afford to hire someone to help with your marketing efforts,  and your marketing will end up the better for it.  Putting your energy in the right places will help you feel more successful,  and you will become a success!

I hope this helps you!


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