Feather Buys a Bicycle

Feather Buys a BicycleDay 40

Once upon a time there was a little chicken named Feather. Feather really wanted to go buy a new bicycle from the store. But feather did not know where there was a bicycle store for a chicken. So feather decided to ask all his friends. They told him they did not care about riding bicycles and they did not understand why Feather wanted a bike. Feather said he wanted a bicycle so he could exercise and grow big and strong and get all the way to the beach. None of the other chickens cared about going to the beach, but feather heard that being a chicken on a beach is a great way to live. So then Feather decided that he would not buy a bike and that he would learn to fly instead. He learned to fly and flew to a beach and feather lived happily ever after.

Another cautionary tale on working with the wrong people

Being an independent contractor in America is not easy especially when it comes to loans and signing leases, for just about anything. Unless you are technically a business bringing in 20,000 + per month, you won’t find many companies have done their due diligence to earn the money of the hard working IC’s in America. Even if you are an IC who earns 20,000+ in a month or two, in order to be able to easily sign leases and gain approvals, you had better spend a bunch of your working hours figuring out how to track and record all your income, because for some reason the American financial system is intent on not really benefitting people.

*I’ll do a separate post on how to track your IC expenses, some good software, and the importance of tracking all your expenses, and some ideas for funneling money into your accounts as income to help you prove your IC expenses in another post.

I mean really, I’ve had a job and been earning income since I was twelve when I got my first job. Now, I’m not the one to tell you I make all the right choices, but a large issue comes with the government taking no responsibility for not being able to teach people how to handle finances or really do anything well.

Basically, you have a system where they will offer crazy loans to anyone, then when that does not work out, instead of actually fixing the issue, they just make ridiculous new and difficult rules about getting loans.

then when these people who have not shown years of work experience, which should REALLY be the qualifier,

Like if you get a car note, do you show that your the type of person who will get up off your ass to make 200 dollars a month to pay it. Well, it should not be that hard for this country to establish a freaking “score” for people who have earning history. The credit score is bullshit, it just shows if you took out a bunch of credit lines when you were young and then if you paid them off.

If life happened anywhere in between, or you did not follow this track exactly, well pretty much your screwed. I mean this seems completely dumb.

A) if you show an earning history, odds are you will keep earning. If you are not on foodstamps and checking the box that says Homeless every year, then you are obviously living somewhere, so you’re able to either FIGURE it out, or your paying bills on time. Fortunately, finally there is a company now that actually lets you input your rental payments and it will send them to the 3 major credit bureaus. One example is RentPayment.com

The crazy part about it is that they already ask you on jobs applications if you’ve been on food stamps in the past three months, or on government assistance, why do they ask this, it doesn’t seem like it benefits me to take my time every time I fill out a job application to provide this information, if the government is intent on being completely useless.

If you have been on food stamps and government assistance for 5 years, and are unable to get a job that pays enough for you to get off, and feed your family, then you should probably save up cash to pay for your car, but a person who has shown that for years they are able to work anywhere, at different types of jobs, manage to move around the country, pay for their living expenses, they just should not have any difficulty REGARDLESS of credit history to get a car loan, and if the ONLY company that is putting any effort into fixing this issue is Uber, then most car companies simply are not doing their due diligence.

Really, this is the government’s issue. This should be a simple score, that shows who is willing to get up off their ass to go to work and pay bills, and leave it up to the companies to collect their money, and reposses cars, etc. And yes, I have actually gotten up off my ass to repossess a car.

Are they just that lazy that they cannot seem to figure this out and why is that hard working ICs who actually do work and are probably doing highly skilled jobs that other people either can’t or won’t take, are the ones who get pooped on by this system.

I suppose if we all follow the track of get a job, work at the job for our whole life, pay bills every month, get a house, and whatever, we do not every have to worry about our companies screwing us out of our pensions, potential illness, or potential bankruptcy, or the government taking any responsibility for the lack of financial intelligence in the country by actually teaching anything useful in schools.

All of this is brought up by a recent terrible experience I had trying to lease a car with Paul Blanco Mitusbishi. I had the worst most appalling experience with a member of their corporate team today, in which I was literally told to be quiet and it was my fault because I made a call to them.

Here’s the email I’m sending their corporate office regarding the call.

Paul Blanco Mitsubishi,

I am quite alarmed by my recent experience in trying to lease a Mitsubishi with your dealership.

Not only did I not feel like your team put any effort in actually getting my application approved, but I then received and took a phone call with a person in your corporate office, telling me that they were interested in earning my business. I divulged more information about another way your office could try to approve the application, a little more than annoying to me, because I am an independent contractor who moves around the country and takes jobs with many various companies, including working for myself specifically. I have multiple earnings statements showing my high earnings, and also that I do not have other payments such as rent, etc.

In the meantime, I received yet another call from your office stating that you had good news. I called back and was told that you still weren’t able to do anything on your end about the approval.

You did not earn my business, from the moment I stepped in the door, to this next call.

Next, I was told that the good news was not good news and you actually were not able to find the car I was interested in. Then I was told that your team wanted to try to run my credit, because you had not tried that yet. It’s just too much, you can’t seem to do your end of your companies work, but yet you want to affect me, because you’re lazy.

Wow, so your company prides itself on providing car leases to young Nevadans who are working. But with all the resources at your disposal, and the fact that Uber is now providing car loans to people who are “able” to work. Based off of the simple reasonable idea that if someone has a job and shows they have earned income, plus a job history, it would follow that they would be financially able to pay a simple car note, but yet with all of your resources, money you spend on ads etc, it seems you are still unable to earn my business.

Then when I am on the phone with the person at corporate, expressing my reasoning behind my frustration, mind you, it has been over 2 weeks, that your team has sat on my information, without reaching out to me to try figure out how to do the approval,

your corporate team member seemed completely unaware of my situation, of being an independent contractor,

and if that was not all she literally interrupts me, tells ME to be quiet, and let her do the talking, tells me about letting her assist me,

without even trying in this entire 2 weeks she has had my information to understand at all what my situation is, or to send me one email, leave a message asking me about MY situation,

I told her “yes I would like your assistance now to cancel my application”

Then tells me, it’s my fault because “you’re the one who called me, and if you do not want my assistance fine bye”

Your corporate team member, literally told me, “You’re the one who called me!” like a petulant child.

Well, Paul Blanco Mitsubishi, you did the absolute least amount of work you could possibly do to earn my business, and in fact, you made me a permanent non-customer. I will not ever purchase a Mitsubishi nor will I recommend you, your cars, and your customer service is in top ten of the worst I’ve dealt with.

Congrats on really not being great.

Erin Elizabeth Cotter- PS: I won’t be taking any more calls from your company, please do not call me in reference to this email.

Anyway, all of this goes to show how important it is to choose to work with the right people, because working with the wrong people, whether it is an individual partner, a company, bank or even a school, if you end up working with the wrong people, and trust me I have made some pretty bad mistakes, you’ll be the one that gets screwed even if it’s not your fault, sometimes it will be out of the blue. Going forward, I’m going to try to be more careful than I ever have in reading contracts, reading people, and more. Again, that is why try to be really careful about who I recommend and what products I do endorse and the ones I do not.

And the type of people you should do busniess with are the types of people who will repossess a car with you.


Traveling to Silicon Valley California

For the first time ever I find myself in Silicon Valley, and I am really loving it here! My first reaction when I found out that I was going to be moving with my boyfriend from Reno, Nevada to Milpitas, California was, “OMG I can’t wait!” I am still not sure if we are going to make this a permanent move, and I will be traveling back to Reno at the end of this week. My Mary Kay sales director has already hooked me up with a team out here in Cali though *awesomeness* but for now, we are only planning to be here for another week.


What I love about it here in California is that they do things a little differently, for example, the movie theaters sell Indian food- and it is vegetarian! And there is a lot of great Indian food in this area, and the Chinese food is bar none, the best Chinese food I’ve had since I left China- I spent a month and a half in touring China when I was in high school, as a part of the People To People Student Ambassador Program.

The Chinese place I went to was called the Golden Garlic, and when I went in, almost everyone in the restaurant was Chinese (always a good sign) and the decorations were so cute. (the pictures on Yelp are outdated and the new decor is super trendy and cute) They had a large menu of traditional Chinese fare, with vegetarian options.

These are a few photographs of what I ordered from their Yelp website, you can see the reviews here

fish with tomato sauce  Chinese Wontons

The fish with tomato sauce was incredible and the dumplings with chili sauce were the best I’ve ever had.

Also, I since my boyfriend and I regularly eat homemade chicken with mole, I decided to try ordering from Postmates, and it was amazing! We ordered fresh tortillas, chicken with mole, rice and beans, carnitas tacos, and chicken tamales delivered to our suite in the hotel, all for under $40 dollars.  The food was soo yummy! Plus it was delivered very quickly! Since it was national kissing day, I ordered this as a surprise breakfast in bed for my boyfriend, and it definitely got me lots of kisses!

food from postmates

you can use Promocode 1skcx the first time you order using Postmates to receive $100 in delivery credit!

What I really love about it here is the air. I am originally from Georgia, where it is very humid, and after I left Georgia, I moved to Miami and then to Nevada. In Nevada, there are a lot of new plants I had to get used to like Sagebrush, which is known to cause allergies. California is a different story. The air here is clean and it is not humid and muggy, it reminds me of the Carribean actually.

Another thing I have noticed about California that there are so many jobs available here. It literally seems like every single restaurant and store has a hiring store in the window, and not just the stores, but there are so many other jobs that are based in this area of the country.  Tons of startups, tech jobs, retail outlets, and so much more is based here. There would be no issue finding a job for someone willing to work out here. A lot of jobs that have location restrictions are available to people in this area. ! But the price of living here is pretty high, definitely something to consider before making your move out to the valley.

It really feels like the land of opportunity. I can’t wait to keep exploring here in California!

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Becoming a Millionaire In One Year

How do I become a millionaire in one year?

This is the question I posed to myself last month, and actually, it was more like this, “I want to be a millionaire by next year, how will I do it?”



I went for a walk, I picked up a beautiful river rock, and I wrote in Sharpie, “Make my first million dollars by June 2018.”

So I had a new goal! a new challenge! Last year I took a challenge to write 100 bedtime stories. It was an incredible and life-changing experience for me, and it really helped me to grow as a person. The 100 bedtime stories challenge, from the 100-day project, was the inspiration for this blog. It is amazing how one moment and one decision can change your life, and you can look back and say, “how could I have made it without that decision” that was what the 100-day project did for me. It really gave me inspiration for living.

Fast forward to today,

I know I want to be a millionaire, so I decided to make it a challenge.

There are so many quotes that use to remind myself of my goal, and one of my favorite quotes is

To get somewhere you have never been you must do something you have never done- Thomas Jefferson

I am going to try to document my journey to make a million dollars.

So far it has looked like this:

  1. I made the decision that I was tired of not having a million dollars and decided that I was tired of reading about people younger than me making their first million and that I wanted to be a millionaire too. DAMN IT I WANT A MILLION DOLLARS ALREADY!
  2. I wrote my goal on a rock and put it in the house where I would see it every day and be reminded that even though it is a big goal,  it is my goal.
  3. I googled “how to become a millionaire”
  4.  I started telling everyone I know that my goal is to make a million dollars in the next year. I began announcing this publicly and asking others to join me. Part of this positive energy I attribute to a woman that I met at my last job. We started talking together, and we discussed our goals, the stock market, real estate and travel. We sat at a small table at work, and dreamed together! When is the last time you dreamed with someone? It is such an incredible feeling, and if you have not dreamed with someone lately, I highly suggest that you do it with the person you are next to at this very moment! When I first met my boyfriend, he told me that he used to have dreams, and I asked him what his dreams were. Now, every day I intentionally talk about my dreams with my boyfriend, and he talks about his dreams too. This is one of the happiest things you can do, and it is TRULY powerful. After I talked about my dreams with my coworker, I started making sales like crazy, and I ended up pushing myself to become better and leaving my old job!
  5. I knew I would need to keep making money. I continued to work a regular job, I got a job at a food stand, just to force myself to make a set amount of money every day. Now, I am working full time as a virtual assistant, and taking classes to increase my skills. These skills I use to help my clients better manage their businesses. I got the job after reading a post on the blog Real Ways to Earn Online I also recently purchased the Real Ways to Earn Online new Ebook, “How to Find Real Work From Home Jobs” and am really enjoying it!
  6. I Watched the movie, The Secret, and looked up positive affirmations. I decided to make a mental decision to switch my thinking and to let go of thinking patterns that are not in line with who I want to become.

* sometimes this is really difficult!  in the movie The Secret, there is a man who is shown very upset about being late, and he keeps thinking how angry he is that he is late, and in the movie, the man ends up becoming late because this is what he is thinking.

I find that I used to think way too much about how other people affected me. Now I no longer dwell on how other people affect me, in fact, I do not think about it. I am putting such positive energy into my dreams, my goals, and my efforts to positively inact change into my life, that this no longer holds me down. I have broken these chains, I am inacting change in my own life, and I am affecting my reality!

7. Thinking of million dollar ideas. I knew that I would have to come up with million dollar ideas, I could not simply work at a normal job, and save my money, to become a millionaire. Since I have set a date to become a millionaire, it is pushing me to actually go through with developing my ideas. When was the last time you had a great idea for a business and thought you would not be able to really ”

When was the last time you had a great idea for a business and thought you would not be able to really “do-it”. For me, this time has passed. Now, I will be writing down my

For me, this time has passed. Now, I will be writing down my

Now, I will be writing down my ideas, and creating action plans for bringing them to fruition.

8. The first idea great idea I had, I latched onto it, and decided to really give it a go. I created the idea of GMMosquites Boxes, which is now in its first round of funding! I have been looking for investors for my idea. I have emailed some investors privately, and have applied at angel investing companies. You can view the company profile on Gust if you are interested in investing. 

9. I am applying to better higher paying jobs and re-evaluating my own worth. I am great at what I do, and I am no longer listening to self-doubt. I am bringing my million dollar self to my ventures. That means brushing off insecurities and pushing myself to seek jobs with the best benefits packages, the best pay, the best situation for myself so I can be happiest and the most creative. I am offering more of my personal services to others and investing in my own education by learning new skills. I can use these at my virtual assistant job and in my entrepreneurial endeavors. Also, I completed my Mary Kay University before June 30th, and achieved the goal I set for myself. You can join my Mary Kay team by visiting my website.

10. Pursuing my goals to own real estate. I started watching youtube videos of Grant Cardone. This guy is a genius, he helps me believe in myself, and my abilities to close big deals, he inspires me to dream of things that I have never thought possible.

11. Trying to overcome fear. Yes, I am still nervous about so many things, and navigating how to not let fear control me is a daily task, but I am so powerful that fear is only weakness, and something I am not concerned with anymore.

12. I am taking an online entrepreneur class offered by MIT. It is free, so I decided to take it.

13. Another thing my boyfriend and I decided to do, was to stop discussing anything related to drugs or sex (unless we are talking about it in the bedroom). Talking about this type of thing does nothing for me, and it is not a part of our conversations any longer. We talk about our ideas, our goals and dreams for the future, and how we can make positive changes in our lives, what things we want to collaborate on, art, museums, zoos, and we try to support each other more. We are putting out what we want to get back from life.

14. I am watching videos on how to grow my social media followers and putting conscious effort into growing my following.


These are some of the actionable steps I am taking on my million-dollar challenge. This is not everything that I am doing, but this is part of what I am doing. I am lucky to have a supportive boyfriend, who inspired me to set this goal.

I asked him what it would take for him to stay home with me all day and we just have fun, and he told me “go make a million dollars”, and I said ok.

But even if you do not have loved ones who support you, you can still make it happen! I believe in you and me, and I can’t wait to achieve my goal!

Please comment below how you are making this happen for you, and other ideas on the subject and use the hashtag on social media #milliondollarchallenge or #makeyourfirstmillion 

follow me on Twitter @erinelizacotter and on Instagram @erinelizabethcotter 



5 Surprising Ways Inbox Dollars Has Benefited Me Financially

I’m more excited than ever to tell you 5 Surprising Ways Inbox Dollars has Benefited me Financially, and some of these may be pretty surprising! Read on to find out more!

buy 1 get 1 free

I started using Inbox Dollars regularly around June of last year, along with many other survey sites. I was recovering from a financial disaster and am still in the process of recovering. It was probably about 3 or 4 years ago that I found myself in a ton of debt and pregnant with my daughter. How I got into that situation was that I had not paid my bills, because I was just too overwhelmed by misfortune that I had kind of given up trying to be financially responsible, and was only 24 anyway so I suppose I did not think it was that finances were all that important.

Once I decided I was definitely having my daughter, I worked tirelessly to pay off all my debt on a minimum wage salary and I did it. I’m officially debt free, but my credit was a whole different story. What they really need to tell be telling kids in school is how difficult it is to recover from bad credit and financial immaturity, IMO. 

** This is why I am very discerning when I recommend financial products, services, and banks. I only recommend products that I really think can help.

About one year ago I was faced with the situation that the only way to improve my credit would be to take a secured credit card with a bank. Because my score was so poor and I was so young with little credit history, it seemed to be my only option. To me, this was just the bleakest situation. I did not want to put what little money I had into a bank for a secured loan when I was not comfortable with the bank or my situation. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth, even the thought of many traditional bank offered credit cards makes my stomach feel nauseous. So I never got one, and my credit stayed low.

Fast forward to this year and I’m ready to tell you 5 Surprising Ways that Inbox Dollars has benefitted my financial situation.

  1. I was able to find unsecured credit card offers for people with bad credit. Even when I am in a bad situation, I really do not like to have to compromise on what I truly want. I wanted to improve my credit with an unsecured line of credit. The interesting thing about some of these credit cards, is that they actually are a good deal *** When you are in need of improving your credit score*** I am not saying they do not have annual fees, and initial cost and a high APR, but unlike some of the popular secured cards on the market which may not allow you to increase your credit limit EVER, some of the ones featured in the inbox dollars offers do have the option to allow you to ask for a credit limit increase. This is an important feature to me. Another thing I like about these cards is that they do help you improve your credit score by reporting your use each month. Basically, it was not until I really started paying attention to my offers that I found what I was personally looking for.
  2. Another surprising thing I have found just today on Inbox Dollars is a savings account that offers 5% APY! This is the same rate as CD accounts at some banks! How did I find this offer?  I decided to take advantage of two of Inbox Dollars offers and earn an extra $2 for completing 2 offers. This was a special promotion that they are running right now. I chose the Netspend Visa and the Rush Card offers. I had been hesitant to sign up for these offers before, because of a bad experience with the GreenDot prepaid card, which left a sour taste in my mouth on all prepaid cards. But I wanted to increase my earnings to over $40 by the end of June, which I have done (Yeay! I completed my goal today!!), so I thought what the heck- just do it. Well, after I signed up for my NetSpend account I went to the website to find out what the dealio is. Apparently, once you complete direct deposit totaling over $500 in a month, you are automatically in their premium client services, which includes a savings account that gives you 5%APY on all your money over $1,000 that you keep daily in their savings account. All money $1,000 and less kept in your savings account earns you 4.9%APY. WHAT?? that is awesome. Especially since my main goal right now is savings!! and to earn that type of savings, simply by direct depositing into my bank account is, well AWESOME!
  3. The Rush Card- I’ve been looking at this offer for a few months and seeing it on TV, well, again I was so hesitant, because of my past experience with GreenDot prepaid, but actually there is a really interesting service that the Rush Card offers. They will give you $30 in your account for recommending the card to your friends, plus $30 your friends/ recomendees account! Well, the really awesome part about this referral program is that they allow you to earn $600 a year this way. Which is completely feasible. Personally, I always feel better recommending a share & earn offer when I know it will be easy for my friends to share & earn too. It’s an ethical thing. Now, I never would’ve given this card a chance, had I not been prompted by InboxDollars, and then I never would’ve found out about the referral program.
  4. When researching Inboxdollars, I read an article that basically said, you do not need to try to log on every day to benefit from using Inboxdollars, the recommendation from the article I read, said to just let the emails amass throughout the week, then check them once a week and in a year you will earn (I can’t remember the exact number) ~$14 if you ONLY check your emails. This was probably the best advice I’ve gotten on how to take advantage of the site. Actually this advice, surprisingly, has increased my earnings this go around. I’ll be getting over $40 dollars this time I cash out, and it has just basically been something I do not think about too much. So, in the past year, I will have earned over $70 dollars with inboxdollars, not bad for me considering how little I am actively participating in income producing activities on the site. I look my inboxdollars earnings like I’m earning interest in a savings account. The Paid Emails basically are my earned interest on my daily emails. And I rarely actually check them through my email account, I usually check them on the inboxdollars website.
  5. I’ve found some really good deals through the site on entertainment, food and other services. I found out about a couple great services I enjoy using, like SundanceNow. Also I’ve found other ways to increase my income each month with different websites per recommendations from Inboxdollars. I love that it recommends services that actually save me money or increase my current income.

Basically, a lot of people talk about how it is a way to increase your income, but for me inbox dollars has done more than that, it has helped me be able to bounce back from some seriously difficult life situations and help me gain more financial freedom. Thinking of the emails as savings day in and day out has helped me constantly every day to think about savings. It’s almost become my own an email accountability partner, reminding me to set daily earnings goals, and helping me every day reinforce in my mind the importance of savings, and generating passive income. If you’re on the fence about signing up or maybe you have quit using this survery site, I really encourage you to try inboxdollars or give it another look, because it is actually helpful.

Children and Spirituality: Book Recommendations

MedievalChildren and Spirituality: Book Recommendations

Guest Post

written by:  Rev. Heather Baggett, M.Div., BCC  contact: kathleen985@gmail.com

As new parents, we have a lot to worry about when it comes to raising these tiny human beings entrusted to our care. Should we breastfeed or formula feed or both? When should we start solids? Should I let her cry it out or should I soothe her to sleep? Do I need to start baby Einstein at 3 months so my child doesn’t end up behind when they start pre-k?

For some of us, spirituality is another one of those worries. For me, spirituality is anything that connects to the greater universe and each other – this can take the form of various religions or it can be more nebulous “spiritual practices” but, if asked, most of us would say we wanted our child to grow up to be spiritually healthy – even if we might not really know what that looks like.

Now, I am an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church and a board certified chaplain so I probably worry more about my daughter’s spirituality than some. Today, I wanted to share some of the best books I have found for young children that help them explore their spiritual selves. I am going to split them into a few categories. The first is going to be straight-up Christian centered books. Then a few “theistic” books, and then a few books about spirituality in general that are not specific to any religious traditions.

Christian Books

children of God

Children of God Storybook Bible by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

This children’s Bible includes more than 50 stories from both the New Testament and the Old Testament. It is written in a wonderfully expressive way that invites kids (and even some adults) into the stories. However, I think my favorite part might be the illustrations. Archbishop Desmond Tutu recruited artists from cultures all over the world to illustrate the stories in a way that was authentic to their culture. There are so many vibrant and beautiful illustrations in this Bible.

Throughout the stories the idea of “God’s Dream” for God’s people is repeated, allowing for a common theme to weave as you read story after story. This book is geared towards ages 4-8. However, we have already started the tradition of reading one story to our 7-month-old every night before bed. She will grow into the stories.

Jesus the word

Jesus, the Word by Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones

This is a beautifully lyrical book that traces the story of the second person of the Trinity – Jesus – throughout the Bible, even in the Old Testament when all we can identify Jesus as is the “Word”.

This book will resonate especially with Christians of liturgical traditions as one of the repeated refrains is a variation on the Nicene creed. That is not to say that it is not a wonderful and inspiring book for Christians of any stripe.

You may soon realize that I LOVE a well-illustrated book because I cannot say enough about the wonderful and evocative illustrations that Shelly Hehenberger created to go along with Bozzuti-Jones inspiring words. This is one of my all-time favorite books as an adult and I have read it as a sermon (for adults) before. Again, this is geared towards children aged 4 and up. However, I read it to my daughter knowing she will grow into.

God-Centered Religions

What is gods name

What is God’s Name? by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso

This beautiful book asks the question, “What is God’s name?” The person who takes care of sheep calls God Shepherd. The woman nursing her child calls Godmother. The lonely child calls God friend. In the end, they realize that God is all of these things and more.

The simple statements, beautiful imagery, and cultural diversity of both the words and the illustration make this a great book to introduce God to children. It gives the parent a chance to ask their child how they see God and talk about how and why different people see God in different ways.

Another great thing is that this book is a board book. It is geared towards ages 2-4. They read it, they can chew it, they can throw it. Three-in-one!

 old turtle

Old Turtle by Douglas Wood

This book is similar to “What is God’s name?” but is geared towards a slightly older child. In it, all the beings of the universe can communicate with one another. Eventually, an argument breaks out. The island says God is vast and alone. The mountain says God is strong and still. The breeze says God is swift and silent. Eventually, Old Turtle settles the argument saying God is all of those things. Finally, people come and must learn the same lesson from the world all around them.

This is an especially appropriate book if you teach your child care for the environment and care for the creatures of God’s earth – human included.

This book is geared towards ages 4-8.

old turtle and the broken truth

Old Turtle and the Broken Truth by Douglas Wood

You might look at this one and say, “Wait, didn’t we just see Old Turtle?” Yes, you did but this second book is so good I couldn’t only mention the first. In this book humanity finds a truth – “You are special”. They fight wars over this truth, and it is won and lost and won and lost over and over again. Until one day a little girl realizes the truth is broken and travels to see Old Turtle. Old Turtle gives her the other half of the broken truth.

It is a hard journey back and she is much changed when she returns but eventually, she gets people to see the other half of the broken truth (I am not going to tell you what that is here – read the book and find out).

This book is geared towards ages 4-8.


General Spirituality

I wonder

I Wonder by Annaka Harris

This is a great story to help children ask questions about the world around them and to wonder at where things came from and their place in the universe. It teaches that “I don’t know” is a wonderful answer because it gives us a chance to wonder about something, whether by ourselves or with others.

While no specific religious undertones are present in this book, I think that it is an extremely spiritual book in that it teaches us how to approach the world around in a way that allows us to see meaning and amazement and connection. What better way to build our spirituality?

This book is geared towards age 1 and up.

Good Morning Yoga and Good Night Yoga by Mariam Gates

good morning yoga        good night yoga

These books are pose-by-pose stories to help children wake up and fall asleep. Each also includes a meditation. The Good Morning book meditation is about choosing how you are going to approach the day and making a conscious choice about what emotions you are going to bring to the day. The Good Night book has a meditation to help your child fall asleep.

For many of us, spirituality begins with mindfulness and meditation as ways to feed our souls and help us to connect the people and the world around us. These books are a great way to start the habits of meditation and mindfulness early with the added benefit of encouraging daily activity.

These books are geared towards ages 4-8.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of books that can help introduce your child to spirituality, they are a great place to start! I’d love to hear of any books that you all have found and loved in the comments!


Release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Yourself. Why I want to Make this Possible

I want to tell my readers why I want to make releasing genetically modified mosquitoes a possibility for the average person. Yes, it could be possible, with support and financial backers! *contact me by email if you are interested in backing this project! erinelizabethccotter@outlook.com

As some of my readers may know, I used to live in Miami, Florida. I lived in Miami for only about 3 months. When I was living there I would regularly see signs warning women to wear bug spray to protect themselves against the Zika Virus. If you do not know much about this virus it is a virus that can cause babies to be born with a birth defect causing their heads to be too small.


This is terribly scary for a mother or women trying to get pregnant since the Zika virus attacks the embryo during the first trimester, when many women are not even yet aware that they are pregnant.

All of this information is from a TED talk I recently watched by Nina Fedoroff, Watch her explain it here, she does an AMAZING job! 

There is bad news about the Zika Virus and then there is more actual bad news via the media regarding the Zika Virus. First, there is currently not a vaccination for the virus. Second, there is no real way to protect yourself, because Bug Spray is not reliable unless you coat yourself in it every single day.

Then comes even more bad news, the sprays that they are releasing in cities, do not work to kill the mosquitoes, and instead are killing helpful bumblebees. 😦

Here’s the catch, there IS a proven method to kill mosquitoes, which not only kills mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus, but mosquitoes carrying other viruses like dengay fever.

What is this proven method? Genetically Modified Mosquitoes, these mosquitoes basically are not able to produce viable offspring so the mosquito population dies, and then humans cannot be infected because there are not anymore annoying bloodsuckers to infect them!

Wow, this sounds amazing, perhaps beside the name, “Genetically Modified Mosquitoes”  Genetically modified just means that they were created or changed inside a lab.

Actually, it has been proven that they cause NO harm to people. But what does endanger humans is the mosquitoes.

Well, the only good news about this whole situation is that the FDA is currently in charge of regulating these Genetically Modified Mosquitoes, however, currently, there these Genetically Modified Mosquitoes are not being sold or packaged for sale to the average person.

Did you know you can purchase boxes of beneficial bugs right from your local plant nursery? Yes you can! and these “beneficial bugs” either kill the bad bugs or the benefical bugs help to enrich the soil. They may not be created in a lab or altered by science, but they provide the same positive solution to the buyer.


These Beneficial Nematodes are available from Green State Gardner 

So why should women and their husbands or significant others not be able to receive the benefit for their children to be protected from the Zika Virus, it is simply because the solution does not technically exist.

Hence, why I am asking for financial backers and supporters of my endeavor to get these boxes of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes available to be sold to the public, then people would be able to release them of their own free will in their residences and on their property, ensuring the safety of themselves and their children.


What’s more, I propose that a part of this business solution would be to donate one box to a family in a developing country where they would not be able to pay for these life saving beneficial bugs.

Families would benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that their purchase of these beneficial bugs, Genetically Modified Mosquitoes, would help save lives in other countries that are torn apart by disease and lack of clean water.

I simply believe that it should be up to the consumer to purchase what is most helpful to protect themselves and their families just like how you can purchase and release bugs in your garden now, and I believe that creating a company to make these boxes is the best solution and one that will help the world.

Please show your support by leaving your opinions below, retweeting, and sharing this article with your friends and families. Once I have the crowdfunding site set up I will be able to begin accepting donations to begin production, liscensing and business development.

Please be a part of this awesome solution to the Zika Virus threat.



Hire a Reno Nevada Housesitter and Virtual Assistant for your next vacation


Are you looking for a reliable house sitter in the Sparks, Reno, or Tahoe area?

*currently only servicing this area of Nevada

You can book me now to house sit, with pet services included, up to 3 animals.

Mail will be taken care of, as well as pets and things you need to be done around the house- (we can discuss) You can also purchase a virtual assistant package with me, and I will take care of any online or travel arrangements or business needs you may have while you are on your trip.

Book me for house sitting now: Online scheduling

You will also have the option to purchase a daily virtual assistant package with me, and I will take care of any online or travel arrangements or business needs you may have while you are on your trip, so that you can relax with absolutely no worries on your vacation.

Learn more about hiring me as a virtual assistant with Time Etc. here

Requirements: Your home must have wifi and it must be inhabitable- you can email me pictures to erinelizabethcotter@outlook.com, you must book a minimum of 1 week stay.

About me: I have worked with animals for years and always had my own pets, I currently work on Rover.com where you can hire pet sitters, dog walkers and more, (receive $20 off your first pet sitter booking using this link.) I have worked at Petco, and am familiar and had training on a variety of animals. I work online and in the Sparks area so I will be working from home, and I am very respectful and quiet. The only person who may housesit with me is my significant other, who is also respect quiet and works out of the house all day in the area. I am 28 and I am drug-free and pass a background check.

See picture:


You can book me through schedulicity and then email the pictures of your home to erinelizabethcotter@outlook.com

Online scheduling

Sharing One Reason Why I Started with Mary Kay

In this video I share one reason why I started with Mary Kay.

I am really excited about Mary Kay, and the values of the company!

I also want to share some news with my Team Members! I have a new Pinterest board in which I will be pinning great articles, videos, printables and much more that can help you reach your goals with Mary Kay! This is going to be an amazing journey and I look forward sharing with you! Let’s go TEAMMK!

Rainbow Cake

Follow my new Pinterest Board! https://www.pinterest.com/ErinElizaCotter/my-mary-kay-team/ 

This is going to be an amazing journey and I look forward sharing with you! Let’s go TEAMMK!

Here are a just few things I’m personally working on to help grow my business:

  1. My Mary Kay University- My goal is to complete it by June 30th to stay on track! I have already completed a few lessons, and they are very inspiring. I love hearing about all the other women who have made their dreams come true with Mary Kay.
  2. Attend ALL of my team meetings! This week I had to ask off from my day job in order to make my team meeting because I realized that I was scheduled at the time of my business.
  3. Earning my Pearls of Sharing. I am really excited about this opportunity to build a business doing something that I love. That means I want to share this amazing opportunity with as many people as possible.
  4. The 5’oclock club! I am inviting all of my new team members to participate in this with me if you are able to. Did you know Mary Kay Ash coined the 5 o’clock club, because she was able to get so much accomplished in the morning before her family was up? I try to wake up at 5 am and begin my work, and I know it helps me accomplish my goals! Are you up for this challenge? I will be creating a challenge for my team members so if you are up at 5 am you can check in with me, and we can support each other because waking up at 5 am is not exactly the easiest thing in the world!


How to Use Passive Income To Build a Strong Financial Future for Your Child with Special Needs/ Developmental Disorder

How to Use Passive Income to Build a Strong Financial Future for Your Child with Special Needs Developmental Disorder

When you first find out that your child has special needs / developmental disorder, you are probably overwhelmed with fear for what the future of your child may hold. As parents, we constantly worry about providing for our children and teaching them the things that they can use in life to become successful. When you find out that your child has special needs, all the things you’ve planned to tell them to prepare them for the world seems questionable.

I believe that utilizing various methods of generating passive income can be a way to prepare your child for the future so that they are able to manage better on their own.

There are various forms of passive income, usually, people think of rental property, but passive income can also be residuals that you earn from the sale of artwork, copyrighted materials, clothing, and much more like stocks, and even credit cards that give miles, cash back or points.

When anyone puts their money to work for them in the sense of stocks or investments, they are earning passive income. One service that I like is called Acorns, because there is no fee to join, you can set up round up transfers from your card transactions to be put in your acorns account where it will be invested in stocks. Instead of putting round ups into a savings account, whenever your child uses their card, their money will be invested in order to make more money.

If you have good/great credit, you may be able to put your child as an authorized user on your credit card, even while they are in high school or younger. This is a passive form of income because you will be increasing your child credit score. This will enable them to qualify for cards like American Express Skymiles, and other great cash back credit cards that when used will help your child to earn more money. Sometimes your child may need to seek out specialists help and will need money for travel.

Another great method to credit passive income for your child would be through art. On my blog you’ll see some of the 100 Bedtime stories I’ve written, I will be rewriting and publishing them as children’s’ books which will be available on Amazon.

In order to publish a children’s book on Amazon, I will need to get an illustrator to create the illustrations for my book. If your child is creative, or artistic, they may be able to participate in creating illustrations for children’s book or authoring and illustrating the books. You will need to get the work sent for copywriting and then your child could earn passive income from the sales of the books.

Another method for your child to make money from their artwork, it to have it put onto teeshirts, coffee mugs, and more and then sold, If your child is good at geometric prints, perhaps they could make patterns which could be put onto linens or comforters.

Another slightly passive method of creating income is through flea markets. Some flea markets will allow you to pay for a space and then have another person sell your items for you at a small cost, all your child would need to do is find items to sell in their booth, and have them taken to the market. This would be easy to set up with some start up money.

Airbnb could also be an option for a child as they grow older because there are plenty of people who hire someone to do the basic sheet changes and laundry at a small fee, an Airbnb manager can help your child run a profitable Airbnb.

There are a variety of different passive income sources that can be used to help your child be successful and to ease the burden of monetary strain.

Follow me on Pinterest because I have a TON of articles pinned about passive income, ways to make money from home, stocks and more.

For more income opportunities for adults with special needs check out this article: 34 Great Jobs for People with Disabilities

*I am not a financial adviser, I am just offering some free advice, I do not have any official education or training in this, so you can use it or not.