Feather Buys a Bicycle

Feather Buys a BicycleDay 40

Once upon a time there was a little chicken named Feather. Feather really wanted to go buy a new bicycle from the store. But feather did not know where there was a bicycle store for a chicken. So feather decided to ask all his friends. They told him they did not care about riding bicycles and they did not understand why Feather wanted a bike. Feather said he wanted a bicycle so he could exercise and grow big and strong and get all the way to the beach. None of the other chickens cared about going to the beach, but feather heard that being a chicken on a beach is a great way to live. So then Feather decided that he would not buy a bike and that he would learn to fly instead. He learned to fly and flew to a beach and feather lived happily ever after.

Release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Yourself. Why I want to Make this Possible

I want to tell my readers why I want to make releasing genetically modified mosquitoes a possibility for the average person. Yes, it could be possible, with support and financial backers! *contact me by email if you are interested in backing this project! erinelizabethccotter@outlook.com

As some of my readers may know, I used to live in Miami, Florida. I lived in Miami for only about 3 months. When I was living there I would regularly see signs warning women to wear bug spray to protect themselves against the Zika Virus. If you do not know much about this virus it is a virus that can cause babies to be born with a birth defect causing their heads to be too small.


This is terribly scary for a mother or women trying to get pregnant since the Zika virus attacks the embryo during the first trimester, when many women are not even yet aware that they are pregnant.

All of this information is from a TED talk I recently watched by Nina Fedoroff, Watch her explain it here, she does an AMAZING job! 

There is bad news about the Zika Virus and then there is more actual bad news via the media regarding the Zika Virus. First, there is currently not a vaccination for the virus. Second, there is no real way to protect yourself, because Bug Spray is not reliable unless you coat yourself in it every single day.

Then comes even more bad news, the sprays that they are releasing in cities, do not work to kill the mosquitoes, and instead are killing helpful bumblebees. ūüė¶

Here’s the catch, there IS a proven method to kill mosquitoes, which not only kills mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus, but mosquitoes carrying other viruses like dengay¬†fever.

What is this proven method? Genetically Modified Mosquitoes, these mosquitoes basically are not able to produce viable offspring so the mosquito population dies, and then humans cannot be infected because there are not anymore annoying bloodsuckers to infect them!

Wow, this sounds amazing, perhaps beside the name, “Genetically Modified Mosquitoes” ¬†Genetically modified just means that they were created or changed inside a lab.

Actually, it has been proven that they cause NO harm to people. But what does endanger humans is the mosquitoes.

Well, the only good news about this whole situation is that the FDA is currently in charge of regulating these Genetically Modified Mosquitoes, however, currently, there these Genetically Modified Mosquitoes are not being sold or packaged for sale to the average person.

Did you know you can purchase boxes of beneficial bugs right from your local plant nursery? Yes you can! and these “beneficial bugs” either kill the bad bugs or the benefical bugs help to enrich the soil. They may not be created in a lab or altered by science, but they provide the same positive solution to the buyer.


These Beneficial Nematodes are available from Green State Gardner 

So why should women and their husbands or significant others not be able to receive the benefit for their children to be protected from the Zika Virus, it is simply because the solution does not technically exist.

Hence, why I am asking for financial backers and supporters of my endeavor to get these boxes of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes available to be sold to the public, then people would be able to release them of their own free will in their residences and on their property, ensuring the safety of themselves and their children.


What’s more, I propose that a part of this business solution would be to donate one box to a family in a developing country where they would not be able to pay for these life saving beneficial bugs.

Families would benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that their purchase of these beneficial bugs, Genetically Modified Mosquitoes, would help save lives in other countries that are torn apart by disease and lack of clean water.

I simply believe that it should be up to the consumer to purchase what is most helpful to protect themselves and their families just like how you can purchase and release bugs in your garden now, and I believe that creating a company to make these boxes is the best solution and one that will help the world.

Please show your support by leaving your opinions below, retweeting, and sharing this article with your friends and families. Once I have the crowdfunding site set up I will be able to begin accepting donations to begin production, liscensing and business development.

Please be a part of this awesome solution to the Zika Virus threat.




Hire a Reno Nevada Housesitter and Virtual Assistant for your next vacation


Are you looking for a reliable house sitter in the Sparks, Reno, or Tahoe area?

*currently only servicing this area of Nevada

You can book me now to house sit, with pet services included, up to 3 animals.

Mail will be taken care of, as well as pets and things you need to be done around the house- (we can discuss) You can also purchase a virtual assistant package with me, and I will take care of any online or travel arrangements or business needs you may have while you are on your trip.

Book me for house sitting now: Online scheduling

You will also have the option to purchase a daily virtual assistant package with me, and I will take care of any online or travel arrangements or business needs you may have while you are on your trip, so that you can relax with absolutely no worries on your vacation.

Learn more about hiring me as a virtual assistant with Time Etc. here

Requirements: Your home must have wifi and it must be inhabitable- you can email me pictures to erinelizabethcotter@outlook.com, you must book a minimum of 1 week stay.

About me: I have worked with animals for years and always had my own pets, I currently work on Rover.com where you can hire pet sitters, dog walkers and more, (receive $20 off your first pet sitter booking using this link.) I have worked at Petco, and am familiar and had training on a variety of animals. I work online and in the Sparks area so I will be working from home, and I am very respectful and quiet. The only person who may housesit with me is my significant other, who is also respect quiet and works out of the house all day in the area. I am 28 and I am drug-free and pass a background check.

See picture:


You can book me through schedulicity and then email the pictures of your home to erinelizabethcotter@outlook.com

Online scheduling

Sharing One Reason Why I Started with Mary Kay

In this video I share one reason why I started with Mary Kay.

I am really excited about Mary Kay, and the values of the company!

I also want to share some news with my Team Members! I have a new Pinterest¬†board in which I will be pinning great articles, videos, printables and much more that can help you reach your goals with Mary Kay! This is going to be an amazing journey and I look forward sharing with you! Let’s go TEAMMK!

Rainbow Cake

Follow my new Pinterest Board! https://www.pinterest.com/ErinElizaCotter/my-mary-kay-team/ 

This is going to be an amazing journey and I look forward sharing with you! Let’s go TEAMMK!

Here are a just few things I’m personally working on to help grow my business:

  1. My Mary Kay University- My goal is to complete it by June 30th to stay on track! I have already completed a few lessons, and they are very inspiring. I love hearing about all the other women who have made their dreams come true with Mary Kay.
  2. Attend ALL of my team meetings! This week I had to ask off from my day job in order to make my team meeting because I realized that I was scheduled at the time of my business.
  3. Earning my Pearls of Sharing. I am really excited about this opportunity to build a business doing something that I love. That means I want to share this amazing opportunity with as many people as possible.
  4. The 5’oclock club! I am inviting all of my new team members to participate in this with me if you are able to. Did you know Mary Kay Ash coined the 5 o’clock club, because she was able to get so much accomplished in the morning before her family was up? I try to wake up at 5 am and begin my work, and I know it helps me accomplish my goals! Are you up for this challenge? I will be creating a challenge for my team members so if you are up at 5 am you can check in with me, and we can support each other because waking up at 5 am is not exactly the easiest thing in the world!


How to Use Passive Income To Build a Strong Financial Future for Your Child with Special Needs/ Developmental Disorder

How to Use Passive Income to Build a Strong Financial Future for Your Child with Special Needs Developmental Disorder

When you first find out that your child has special needs / developmental disorder, you are probably overwhelmed with fear for what the future of your child may hold. As parents, we constantly worry about providing for our children and teaching them the things that they can use in life to become successful. When you find out that your child has special needs, all the things you’ve planned to tell them to prepare them for the world seems questionable.

I believe that utilizing various methods of generating passive income can be a way to prepare your child for the future so that they are able to manage better on their own.

There are various forms of passive income, usually, people think of rental property, but passive income can also be residuals that you earn from the sale of artwork, copyrighted materials, clothing, and much more like stocks, and even credit cards that give miles, cash back or points.

When anyone puts their money to work for them in the sense of stocks or investments, they are earning passive income. One service that I like is called Acorns, because there is no fee to join, you can set up round up transfers from your card transactions to be put in your acorns account where it will be invested in stocks. Instead of putting round ups into a savings account, whenever your child uses their card, their money will be invested in order to make more money.

If you have good/great credit, you may be able to put your child as an authorized user on your credit card, even while they are in high school or younger. This is a passive form of income because you will be increasing your child credit score. This will enable them to qualify for cards like American Express Skymiles, and other great cash back credit cards that when used will help your child to earn more money. Sometimes your child may need to seek out specialists help and will need money for travel.

Another great method to credit passive income for your child would be through art. On my blog you’ll see some of the 100 Bedtime stories¬†I’ve written, I will be rewriting and publishing them as children’s’ books which will be available on Amazon.

In order to publish a children’s book on Amazon, I will need to get an illustrator to create the illustrations for my book. If your child is creative, or artistic, they may be able to participate in creating illustrations for children’s book or authoring and illustrating the books. You will need to get the work sent for copywriting and then your child could earn passive income from the sales of the books.

Another method for your child to make money from their artwork, it to have it put onto teeshirts, coffee mugs, and more and then sold, If your child is good at geometric prints, perhaps they could make patterns which could be put onto linens or comforters.

Another slightly passive method of creating income is through flea markets. Some flea markets will allow you to pay for a space and then have another person sell your items for you at a small cost, all your child would need to do is find items to sell in their booth, and have them taken to the market. This would be easy to set up with some start up money.

Airbnb could also be an option for a child as they grow older because there are plenty of people who hire someone to do the basic sheet changes and laundry at a small fee, an Airbnb manager can help your child run a profitable Airbnb.

There are a variety of different passive income sources that can be used to help your child be successful and to ease the burden of monetary strain.

Follow me on Pinterest because I have a TON of articles pinned about passive income, ways to make money from home, stocks and more.

For more income opportunities for adults with special needs check out this article: 34 Great Jobs for People with Disabilities

*I am not a financial adviser, I am just offering some free advice, I do not have any official education or training in this, so you can use it or not.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in 2017

Are You Ready to Make your First Million Dollars-

Are you ready to make your first million dollars in the next year?! I am! Join the challenge now! 

Also, Follow the million dollar challenge board on my Pinterest! 

One of the first steps in the challenge is to declare your intent to the universe!! Do that now! Publicly post your intent by sharing this on your social media, joining the challenge, and by letting everyone you know, know that YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE YOUR FIRST MILLION DOLLARS!!!

it is about time, Right?!

PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS BELOW! I want to know who all is going to join me in this AWESOME challenge.

Also, don’t worry if you do not become a millionaire in the next year, it will be a fun way to push yourself to achieve your goals, because HEY, Who does not want to

Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire??

(besides billionaires)

10 Ways to Increase your Income

10 Ways to Increase your Income:

Want to learn how to increase your income!-

  1. Earn money online doing virtual work, taking surveys, doing a phone job, getting rebates
    1. Virtual Work From Home Companies: FancyHands and Time Etc.
    2. Rebates: When you shop online you will earn cashback on whatever you spend when you create an ebates It is free!
    3. Survey Companies: Inbox Dollars, FusionCash, Vindale Research
  2. Make Money with your Blog
    1. Use affiliate links a great afflilate link company to start with is cj.com CJ Affiliates is awesome because of their long cookie policy. Here you can apply with different companies affiliate programs.
    2. Add Amazon Associates to link Amazon Products
    3. Share projects and challenges you are involved in.
  3. Become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Representative ‚Äď This is a great way to increase your income, because not only do you make money from product sales, but you can save money at stores like Office Depot, on your Auto Insurance, and earn free vacations and much more. If you are interested in getting started contact me or sign up on my website http://www.marykay.com/ecotter
  4. Sign up to walk dogs for people, baby sit, or house sit.
    1. Signup on rover.com to become a dog sitter or use a dog sitter, to help you manage your pets when you go out of town and never pay for expensive kennels again! use my link to get $20 off your first time at rover.com
    2. Sign up to babysit, help with elder care, or clean houses at com or find a housekeeper, babysitter, or assistance and you may save some money on things you are already paying for.
  5. Put your house on Airbnb. I love Airbnb and have used it frequently when traveling for work. If you have extra space you can rent it to someone and make a good deal of money!
  6. Make money with your devices:
    1. Use you fitbit to make money or other healthy apps, with Achievement! This website takes data from all the places that you record fitness information and then pays you when you are healthy!
    2. Make money with your smartphone just for unlocking your phone! Sign up at Slidejoy today!
  7. Start Investing. This is a very important one! Make sure that the money that you make is making money for you! Here are three of my favorites to begin investing.
    1. Acorns- Easily take your round ups from your spending on your debit cards and turn it into a money making investment. You can also set up a recurring transfer!
    2. Wealthfront- This is a great investment account if you want a robo adviser with a great automated investment service. There is a minimum $500 investment to open an account.
    3. Motif Investing- Get a free 3-month trial of Motif, a smart way to invest for people who care. Motif makes it easy to build an investment portfolio that aligns your financial goals with your personal values. With this free trial, you will get access to their Impact accounts as well as their powerful trading tools.
  8. Get a better bank! Stop paying bank fees! Switch to online banks and see how much money you save each month in fees. One of the best is Chime Bank read my full review of this bank here: https://bedtimestoriesforbrighid.com/2017/06/09/this-awesome-bank-will-give-you-10/


Another great bank, I only have the savings account but hope to get the bank account soon, is Discover Bank! Read this article here: https://www.discover.com/online-banking/banking-topics/opening-a-checking-account-online/

  1. Make Money with your social media- Get Paid to Tweet and post! Check out IZEA They bring companies that want you to tweet and post their products. You can even earn commission from tweets, if someone clicks on a product you post and make a purchase.
  2. Sign up to be a website tester with usertesting.com This company will pay you to test websites. All you need is a webcam!

This Awesome Bank will Give you $10

This Bank will give you $10 just to sign up!

I love making free money! Don’t you? Well, there are not many banks that I would recommend, but there are the select few that are great to bank with.

I found out about this bank when I read an article about online banks recommended to people who hate banks.

And trust me it’s been a great bank to do business with for me so far.

First, it is an online bank which means that there are not any actual bank locations, which is great for the consumer because you do not have to pay fees.

And when I say you do not have to pay fees with this bank, it is really true. Due to an oversight on my part, and a makeup¬†box subscription, my account was overdrawn by $19 for almost two months and they never once charged me a fee, instead they just sent me reminders that I can make $10 for me, and $10 for a friend when they sign up using my link. Pretty Nice right? No $35 dollar a day fees or extended overdraft fees, nothing. ¬†I recently put money back in that account and added a new direct deposit. No need for me to be upset, or call them about the fees, to worry about adding money, and guess what, they got paid, I’m still a customer, I’m going to add MORE money, AND I’m going to recommend them to friends when they ask for a good bank to bank with. At the end of the day no harm done, I’m more than happy to recommend them, and they got my business. All without having to basically steal my money (ahem over draft¬†charges, monthly fees etc) to make theirs!

The only fee you may encounter is if you load it at a reload location, instead of through an ACH Bank Transfer or Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit is definitely the best way to get your money into this bank, but the next best way is at a reload location, the place I always go to reload my online banking debit accounts is CVS, because they are easy to find. (I am not a fan of CVS, ¬†but its the easiest and quickest way to load cash onto your card.) It’s usually a 4.95 load fee, which is not bad considering that is usually a monthly maintenance¬†fee at a competitor would be about the same.

One other neat tool is that they put money into savings for you, literally, I’ve only put about $2 in roundups in the past week, and they already notified me that they are giving me a savings bonus for using their savings roundups. Nice!

chime bank

They are currently not a linkable account on Mint.com which is a great tool for financial account maintenance, and budget tracking, but they soon will be.

Ready to sign up to Bank with Chime? Use my link to receive $10 from Chime when you make an opening deposit of $100.

Make Money Selling Mary Kay

to elevate your dessert social

I love Mary Kay products so much that I decided to become a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant. If you are trying to find new ways to make money from home, a great idea is to start with what you love.

One thing that I have always liked about Mary Kay is how much fun it is, how great the products are and how happy I am once I make a purchase! Trust me my last purchase was over $400 and I use my Mary Kay products religiously.

In college I used to buy from a girl who lived a few dorms down from me, and in highschool I remember going to great parties at girlfriends houses, where a Mary Kay representative would come and give us all makeovers and then we would be able to pick out products that would we would like to have! And she always had samples! It was so much fun!

Yes, there are a few start up fees when you are getting set up, but I highly recommend that if you love a product or service you should make money selling it!

This is a great idea for anyone who wants to make extra money and loves beauty products and who is great at doing makeup!

I’ve been doing professional makeup for years, for acting, modeling shoots and more, it just makes sense that I would stand behind a product I am such a fan of, and begin making money at the same time! If you are interested in making money by selling Mary Kay follow my link and check out my own Mary Kay seller site.¬†https://www.marykay.com/ecotter

And from contacting my local representative, to becoming a sales rep, and putting together my own website and getting my card readers to accept credit cards in person, it took me less than 3 hours!! talk about easy!

Follow this link to learn more and start making money today!

Jethro the Ferocious Drum Player

Day 80

Once upon a time there was a giant lion who lived in the middle of the jungle. He was in a band called The Lions Eat The Eagles along with 5 other lions. This lions name was Jethro and he played the drums. He was such a ferocious drum player that he brought quite a crowd to all of his performances. Everyone loved him wherever he went. Some people made tee-shirts, and other people took pictures. He had quite a large group of fans. He was the most famous player and was known everywhere around the world. Everyone loved him and it was all because he was such a ferocious drum player. Jethro lived happily ever after.

How the Terrified Troll got his Courage

Day 79

There was once a terrified troll who lived in a big cave. This troll was afraid of everything especially going to sleep at night. You might think that trolls are mean and scary and not afraid of anything, but that is not true. Some trolls are nice, some people think that they are one of the reasons the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” was invented. Because if you have ever met a troll, and you probably never will, you would know that they are just like everyone else, and they sometimes get scared too. Well especially this troll who lived in the cave. His name was Fred. Poor Fred got so nervous that he chewed on his nails, and he shook in his big boots, and he whined, and he cried. But that was all until one day he learned a special magic trick, well it was not really a magic trick, but it was magic advice, which is like a magic trick, but different, because usually you have to be a magician or have an assistant to perform a magic trick, but when you just take magical advice from some magical creature, well you can do that anywhere, no assistance needed. Well this troll Fred received his advice from a very kind fairy, who would fly from cave to cave, around the forest and over the rainbow. This fairy had been many places and knew many things and was extremely knowledgeable on many things, because once you have been over the rainbow, you become vastly more intelligent. This fairy told Fred that in order to stop being afraid, the troll must sing a song, or think a happy thought, or when it came to getting ready for bed the troll must decide that he was the biggest baddest troll and that nothing could terrify him, because he was so strong. Well Fred thought, I do not feel strong, and I do not feel big or bad. Well the fairy said, “Do not worry Fred, you are thinking way to much about other things. In order not to be scared you must think about how strong you are, not about how strong the other things are. Imagine all the ways you are strong, and that you are in fact the biggest baddest troll. What would you do, where would you go, and if you ever feel afraid, you must just think about yourself instead” So, taking the fairies advice, Fred decided to think about himself, and he noticed that he felt better, and his feet were shaking less in his boots. He started working out too. That is how the terrified troll, became the buff troll.