Jethro the Ferocious Drum Player

Day 80

Once upon a time there was a giant lion who lived in the middle of the jungle. He was in a band called The Lions Eat The Eagles along with 5 other lions. This lions name was Jethro and he played the drums. He was such a ferocious drum player that he brought quite a crowd to all of his performances. Everyone loved him wherever he went. Some people made tee-shirts, and other people took pictures. He had quite a large group of fans. He was the most famous player and was known everywhere around the world. Everyone loved him and it was all because he was such a ferocious drum player. Jethro lived happily ever after.


Wormy, Rotten and Wriggly

Day 77

Once upon a time there was a worm who lived inside an apple which was named Wormy. The apple named Wormy was located outside under a tree named Rotten. Wormy liked living underneath Rotten and it just so happened that the worm, who’s name was Wriggly, liked living inside of the apple named Wormy. All three of them lived happily ever after, and Wriggly read haikus, short stories and blog posts every day for the rest of his life, inside of Wormy, underneath Rotten.

A Rollypolly and his Boy

Day 76

Once upon a time there was a rolly polly named Pervis. He lived in a great big yard where a little boy named Marlin lived in the house next to the big green grassy yard. Pervis had never met Marlin before, but he saw Marlin  running about and playing with his toys. To Pervis Marlin looked like he was fun. Marlin was the best at inventing games to play or pretending to be a fireman or a scientist. One day Marlin was sitting down along the pathway running to the front door of his house, so Pervis decided to walk over and say “Hello” to Marlin. He walked over to the path and Marlin saw him at once, Marlin shouted “Hello Mr. Rolly Polly!” and Pervis curled up in a ball and rolled around to show Marlin that he was saying hello. Then said, “Do you want to come live with me Mr. Rolly Polly?” And then Marlin’s mother said, “No bringing bugs in the house Marlin!!” Pervis was happy that Marlin’s mother said that, because Pervis liked living in the big grassy yard. So then Pervis said goodbye to Marlin, who had found a new interesting part of the yard to play in and Pervis said Goodbye to Marlin who had found a new interesting part of the yard to play in and Pervis went on his way. Every now and then Pervis stops by to say hello to Marlin, who is very happy to see him and Pervis is happy to have such an interesting friend.

The Tiny Cat who Travelled the Great Big World

Day 75

Once upon a time there was a very tiny cat named Alfred. Alfred was so small that hardly anyone could see him. Alfred lived on a boat with his owner who was a very nice lady who’s name was Felinia. Together Alfred and Felinia traveled all over the world. They went here and they went there. And everywhere they went Alfred saw so many things. See even though Alfred was so small and hardly anyone could see him, Alfred could see a great many things. Alfred knew that he had seen so many things that many other people and animals would never see. And Alfred had in fact see more of the great big world than the average person. Living with Felina, Alfred was almost the most lucky cat in the entire world. Felina took very good care of Alfred & he was always happy. Every night Felina read him his favorite story about the ocean. The story began “The Ocean so big and blue has sea animals both big and small. The very biggest are the whales, who tell great tales, next is the shark and then the dolphin. The smallest are the fish, the coral and the very small sea horse. But in the big blue ocean all of the animals are important, no matter their size, from the smallest seahorse to the biggest of the whales. No matter how big or how small you are there is a world of wonder for each and every one.” And Felinia would give Alfred a great big kiss and then they would fall asleep and listen to the ocean waves. And they lived happily ever after.

Mr. Eagle Finds a New Home

Day 74

Once upon a time there was an eagle who lived in a very tall tree on the very tip top of the mountain. The eagle loved to fly around from tree top to tree top and see what interesting things were living around him. He saw Mr. Goat and Mrs. Lamb and Mr. & Mrs. Alpaca. He saw Mr. Toad and Miss Frog, and Mr. & Mrs. Goose and their Goslings. He saw Mrs. Rabbit and
Mrs. Moose. He also saw the tall mountain, the not as tall mountain and the kind of short mountain. He saw the road to where the the little cabin at the end of the road was. Some times he flew very far all the way to the lake where he usually went to his other next in the top of the willow tree. He loved to fly around, but one day after living the nest at the willow, he could not find his nest in his other tree. All of the trees were gone. Where he thought his home was all that was left was tree stumps. Well Mr. Eagle was very sad and he did not know where anything or anything was, even the mountains looked different. So he began to fly around in search of his friends. He looked in different places, he found Mr. Goat, Mrs. Lamb and Mr & Mrs. Alpaca on the kind of short mountain, and as he flew by they all billied to say hello. Then he found Mr. & Mrs. Goose with their Goslings who hissed about all the tree being cut down. Mr. Eagle found Mr. Toad and Miss Frog, who had both croaked. And Finally he found Mrs.Moose and Mrs.Rabbit and then he flew back to willows nest decided to make his new home in the willow and make more new friends away from the mountains. And he lived happily ever after.

Harold the Hiking Horse

Day 71

Once upon a time there was a horse who loved to go hiking. The horses name was Harold. Harold went hiking everyday. He sometimes took people hiking with him. They would ride on his saddle which was on his back. Harold and his people would climb up the mountains and then walk back down. He traveled far and wide. One thing he wanted to do was to create a photo album that he could sell of all his pictures of him hiking. So he found a very nice person who worked in the barn who put all the pictures of him taking people on hiking trips. Then Harold put his book for sale. He named the book “Harold The Hiking Horse” and it became one of the best selling coffee table books in the entire mid and south west. Harold had become a household name. Now he got to travel around the world and take photographs of all of his journeys. He lived happily ever after.

The Catepillar Gets his Beauty Rest

Day 63

Once upon a time there was a very sleepy caterpillar. The caterpillar was crawling around for a very long time which made him more and more and more sleepy. Finally the caterpillar was so very tired that he decided to find a nice place to curl up. So he searched through the leaves for the perfect spot to fall asleep. He found a beautiful spot, and decided to make his cocoon which is a bed for caterpillars. It is actually kind of a funny bed because caterpillars like to hang upside down and they wrap themselves all the way up, including their head and everything. So the caterpillar wrapped himself up in his cocoon and fell fast asleep, and the caterpillar slept for quite a long time. And caterpillar dreamed very big dreams about what he would do once he woke up, and then when he did he realized he was not quite the same, he was even more beautiful because he had gotten his beauty rest. Actually the term beauty rest comes from the caterpillars, they made that up, but if you go to sleep early each night you will wake up like a beautiful butterfly. This is a lesson from the caterpillars that they pass down through the generations. And they live happily ever after.

How Dingo the Dalmatian Learned to Count His Spots

Day 58

Once upon a time there was a Dalmatian named Dingo who loved to go to school. Everyday Dingo got to go to school to learn new things. The school that Dingo went to was a school for dogs who were going to become heroes. They were going to work with firemen to be their sidekicks. They got to go to an obstacle course and learn to jump through hoops and run alongside people, they learned new tricks and got to eat pretty good treats everyday. Dingo liked to play with toys that challenged his mind, and he enjoyed learning how to fetch balls and catch Frisbees too. One thing that his owner loved to take Dingo to do was to play Frisbee golf. They went together on the weekends and had a lot of fun. Dingo sometimes had a hard time going to sleep after his long day at school and having fun, he still wanted to play at bedtime and needed help to go to sleep. So he learned a new trick, he counted his spots until he fell fast asleep. It was really great for Dingo, because he was able to count a whole bunch of spots. One spot, two spots, three, four, five, and his eyes got more and more sleepy as he counted, 6 spots, 7 spots, 8 spots, 9 spots, ten, and sleep started to come to Dingo, 11 spots, 12 spots, 13 spots, 14 spots, and by 15 spots Dingo was usually fast asleep, but if Dingo was not he would keep counting. And the next day Dingo would go to school and have a ton of fun.

How Ginger the Porcupine became a Ballet Teacher

Day 57

Once upon a time there was a little porcupine named Ginger who lived in the backyard of little girl named Elle. Ginger loved to try to learn ballet. Everyday she climbed up to the window and watched Elle practice ballet. Ginger would try to learn all the ballet moves. Ginger knew she was one of the very few porcupines that was also a ballerina, but she also knew that she was going to be the very best porcupines that knew ballet too. Once she got very good at ballet from watching Elle she began to find other porcupines who also were ballerinas, that way they could organize a performance of Swan Lake. Once they got together to begin practicing they had a lot of work to do. They practiced every day, and every night. Once they were ready to put on their performance, they invited all of their porcupine friends to come to the ballet recital. Afterward they discussed opening a new school for other porcupines who wanted to learn to dance. They got a lot of new students, and Ginger became a ballet teacher, and traveled the world dancing and teaching other porcupines and she lived happily ever after.

The Girl from a Fishing Village

Day 56

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a gorgeous land in the middle of South America. She was the best boat driver in her whole village. She drove her family’s boat while her father and two brothers went fishing. While she was out in the boat she saw many interesting sights. She loved to see the long grasses growing on the sides of the river and the beautiful branches that reached their limbs down to let their scraggily branches touch the top of the water. She saw many interesting types of fish and large river creatures that she made up interesting stories about which she told her fathers and brothers about as they worked to clean their fish at the end of the night. She loved to watch the colors in the sky as the day changed from morning to midday to evening. As she drove her boat she went to many villages and met many different types of people. She met old ladies who gave her beaded necklaces and bracelets, and men and their wives who cooked meals for her and her brothers and father while they waited for rainstorms to pass by. She met other young boys and girls who she played games and hide and go seek with. The little girl met old men, working on their ropes and nets for their boats. She traveled very far and wide and decided that she wished to have her very own boat so she began saving all of her money and all the beaded necklaces and interesting gifts that she received and put them in a special place in her room at home. Whenever she had spare time and was waiting to drive the boat she began to make her own beaded necklaces and then her mother began to sell them for her while she was driving the fishing boat. As the years passed by she earned enough money to purchase her own boat, and she met a man that she fell in love with. They began to travel together far and wide to new villages and find interesting things to bring to home for her mother to sell. Eventually they had enough money to get married and they opened a brand new store in the middle of her village with many things to sell. She and her husband lived happily ever after and traveled the entire world finding the most beautiful things.