The Tiny Cat who Travelled the Great Big World

Day 75

Once upon a time there was a very tiny cat named Alfred. Alfred was so small that hardly anyone could see him. Alfred lived on a boat with his owner who was a very nice lady who’s name was Felinia. Together Alfred and Felinia traveled all over the world. They went here and they went there. And everywhere they went Alfred saw so many things. See even though Alfred was so small and hardly anyone could see him, Alfred could see a great many things. Alfred knew that he had seen so many things that many other people and animals would never see. And Alfred had in fact see more of the great big world than the average person. Living with Felina, Alfred was almost the most lucky cat in the entire world. Felina took very good care of Alfred & he was always happy. Every night Felina read him his favorite story about the ocean. The story began “The Ocean so big and blue has sea animals both big and small. The very biggest are the whales, who tell great tales, next is the shark and then the dolphin. The smallest are the fish, the coral and the very small sea horse. But in the big blue ocean all of the animals are important, no matter their size, from the smallest seahorse to the biggest of the whales. No matter how big or how small you are there is a world of wonder for each and every one.” And Felinia would give Alfred a great big kiss and then they would fall asleep and listen to the ocean waves. And they lived happily ever after.


Day 42

Once upon a time there was a starfish named Sprinkle who only had four arms. She wished that she had five arms like all of the other starfish. Sprinkle did not feel beautiful. She did not understand why she only had four arms when all of her friends and family had five. Sometimes she cried, because she did not feel like she fit in. “Please do not be sad Sprinkle, your beauty does not come from your arms. Your beauty comes from your soul.” Sprinkle asked her mother how anyone would see her soul, “everyone can see my arms mom, they can see that I don’t have the right amount, they cannot see my soul.” Sprinkle’s mother told her that for her friends to see her true sparkling beautiful soul she must show them that she had a beautiful soul, by doing nice things for her friends. “By showing your friends the good things you do for them and for yourself, be being a true friend, and being kind to strangers, by loving your friends and family, you will show your soul, and once your friends see your soul they will no longer look at your legs. Who wants to look at your legs if your soul is much more beautiful and interesting?” Sprinkle decided that she would take her mothers advice and every day she began doing nice things for her friends. She listened to them when they were sad, she helped them with things they needed, she made them presents, and let them know she cared. Each day her friends began to see her soul. Her soul became so beautiful to everyone around her that no one even saw her legs anymore. Only her soul shined through the ocean. Her mother saw Sprinkle smiling one day and asked her if she could feel her beauty. Sprinkle replied, yes mother I can feel my beautiful soul so strongly that I cannot feel my missing leg any longer, and I can not feel the sadness for myself over my leg either. Sprinkle’s mother laughed to herself and said “no one wanted to look at your leg anyway Sprinkle, it is what is inside that counts.” Sprinkle learned a very important lesson from her mother, and she never worried about missing her part, she had become beautiful without it.

Day 19

Once upon a time there was a sting-ray. His name was Anchor. Anchor was about 15 years old. Anchor lived in the Caribbean Sea. Anchor had heard about a concert that was going to come to the coral reef near him. He was so excited, it was his very favorite band, The Crustaceans, and they were going to perform live. “Wow! If I can only convince my parents to let me go to this concert!” thought Anchor. Anchor decided to ask his parents if he could go to the concert. His parents said, “Anchor you can go to the concert, just make sure you are home in time for dinner!” Anchor replied, “Great! Thanks so much mom and dad!” So Anchor began getting ready to go to the concert. When he got to the concert there were a whole bunch of other sea animals there, almost all the sting rays from his class were there, along with all the crabs and dolphins. A few of the marlins went to the concert too, and a ton of grouper fish were there. The concert was so fun and The Crustaceans were amazing, but all of the sudden came a big hungry shark! “Ahhhhh, swim for your lives!” some of the fish cried. There was panic and everyone was afraid. Swimming here and there, and in the middle The Crustaceans had grabbed all their instruments and were swimming as fast as they could away, but the shark was coming right for them. Anchor saw what was happening and darted through the water to help protect The Crustaceans. They were his favorite after all. He swam and got right in front of the shark and put his stinger out. The shark was mainly just hungry and did not want to fight with Anchor, so he swam the other way. “Whew, that was close!,” said the members of the Crustaceans, “Thank you so much for saving us!” “What is your name?” they asked Anchor. “My name is Anchor,” anchor replied. He was still a little afraid of getting in the way of that big shark. The shark had so many teeth, and they made Anchor’s stomach feel upset. He told the band that he was happy he saved them, but that his mom and dad had probably heard about what was happening at the concert and that they would be worried about him. “It was really great meeting you guys,” said Anchor and he swam home. When he got home he was not hungry for dinner, but he told his parents all about standing up to the shark and saving the band. Anchor’s parents told him how proud of him they were and said that they hoped he would always be so brave. Not very many other fish were as brave as Anchor. Anchor still gets afraid sometimes, but he knows now how to be brave, and does not ever let any sea monsters, sharks or anything else make him worry.

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