The Girl from a Fishing Village

Day 56

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a gorgeous land in the middle of South America. She was the best boat driver in her whole village. She drove her family’s boat while her father and two brothers went fishing. While she was out in the boat she saw many interesting sights. She loved to see the long grasses growing on the sides of the river and the beautiful branches that reached their limbs down to let their scraggily branches touch the top of the water. She saw many interesting types of fish and large river creatures that she made up interesting stories about which she told her fathers and brothers about as they worked to clean their fish at the end of the night. She loved to watch the colors in the sky as the day changed from morning to midday to evening. As she drove her boat she went to many villages and met many different types of people. She met old ladies who gave her beaded necklaces and bracelets, and men and their wives who cooked meals for her and her brothers and father while they waited for rainstorms to pass by. She met other young boys and girls who she played games and hide and go seek with. The little girl met old men, working on their ropes and nets for their boats. She traveled very far and wide and decided that she wished to have her very own boat so she began saving all of her money and all the beaded necklaces and interesting gifts that she received and put them in a special place in her room at home. Whenever she had spare time and was waiting to drive the boat she began to make her own beaded necklaces and then her mother began to sell them for her while she was driving the fishing boat. As the years passed by she earned enough money to purchase her own boat, and she met a man that she fell in love with. They began to travel together far and wide to new villages and find interesting things to bring to home for her mother to sell. Eventually they had enough money to get married and they opened a brand new store in the middle of her village with many things to sell. She and her husband lived happily ever after and traveled the entire world finding the most beautiful things.


Day 41

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lulu who had a brother named Arnold. Lulu and Arnold were going on a vacation to the beach with their family. Their mom and dad and their dog, Woofie, were all going to the beach too. Lulu and Arnold were very excited because they had never been to the beach before. When they all got in the car Lulu asked what time they were going to get there and her mother told her that it would only take them one hour to get to the beach from where they lived and if Lulu and Arnold really liked the beach that they would come again the next weekend. Lulu fell asleep riding in the car, but Arnold stayed awake and played with his leappad and pet their dog Woofie. Soon they were at the beach, Lulu woke up and rubbed her eyes. Arnold was pushing on her arm and saying “we are here Lulu, wake up we are at the beach!” Lulu was very excited, she looked around but she did not see the beach anywhere all she saw were trees and sand and a little shower right next to the cars and the parking lot. She told Arnold to leave her alone and wake her up when they were actually there. Lulu’s mother said, “no Lulu we are actually here, it is time to go, grab your hat, we have to walk from the parking lot to the beach” Lulu was excited like Arnold now. So she and Arnold hurried out of the car and were getting Woofie a drink of water while their parents got all their beach things together. “Let’s go!” Their father said, and they walked down to the beach. When they got there Lulu said, “wow it is so beautiful!” And Arnold said, “I can’t wait to get in the water, I will race you to the water Lulu” so they both ran down to the edge of the water and Arnold jumped in, but Lulu only put one toe in the water. She was a little nervous. She watched Arnold jumping around in the water for a little while and then decided that it must be fine. So she got in the water. Arnold splashed her and she splashed him back and they began having such a fun time. Arnold loved playing in the water and began trying to collect shells he found. Lulu was having fun jumping over the waves when they would come on the seashore. Once Arnold got bored with picking out his shells, he asked Lulu if she would want to make a great big sandcastle. Lulu said that that sounded like fun and she agreed to help him build one. Arnold insisted that the sandcastle must have a moat around it, and that the castle have at least three towers. Lulu agreed and they began building the castle. Once they were finished they ran over to their parents who were laying under their umbrellas and said that they were ready to eat lunch. Lulu and Arnold’s parents had brought some really yummy ham sandwiches and goldfish and fruit roll ups for desert. They were excited to go back into the ocean once they finished their lunches. Lulu and Arnold ran back to the ocean and brought Woofie with them. They all took turns jumping over the waves that came on shore and then decided to run back and forth down the beach with Woofie who thought that running on the beach was great fun. They found a tennis ball lying in the beach and three it in the water and Woofie swam to catch it and bring it back. Then their parents called them and told them it was time to go home. One the way home, Lulu and Arnold talked all about how much fun they had at the beach and insisted that they go back the next weekend. They stopped on the way home and ordered a few sandwiches and then arrived back home right after the sunset. After Lulu and Arnold brushed their teeth and had their baths, they were very tired. Their eyes were heavy, but as their parents were tucking them into bed they both thought about how much fun they had at the beach and made each of their parents promise again to take them back to the beach. Their parents promised again that they would. And as they were closing their eyes they remembered what a fun time they had had that day. They drifted off to sleep and dreamed about the beautiful ocean.